Our records indicate you have applied for an alternave loan for the academic year 2019‐20. In order to disburse
this loan appropriately, we need more informaon from you. Carefully read the opons below and choose your
method of disbursement.
Equal Amounts: Disburse the enre amount of my alternave loan in equal installments each term I
UnequalAmounts: Indicate below, by term, how you want your loan disbursed. Budget worksheets
are available online:
Summer $
Fall $
Winter $
Spring $
AenonAviaonstudents: Please list the flight labs you intend to register for in each term. Labs
should be approved by program director.
541.383.7260 • fax: 541.383.7506
2600 NW College Way, Bend, Oregon 97703
www.cocc.edu/financial‐aid • e‐mail: coccfinaid@cocc.edu
Student name printed COCC ID number
Student signature Date
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