Chapter 7: Republic of Turkey 63
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Chapter 7: Republic of Turkey
Vocabulary: Know the Terms
Directions: Match the term to the denition. Write the letter representing the word on the blank next to
the denition.
A. Fertile Crescent B. absolute monarchy C. presidential republic D. Constitutional Court
E. Ottoman Empire F. Roman Empire G. Mudros Armistice H. Truman Doctrine
1. _______ Spanning more than 600 years, it was created by the Turkish tribes and ended in 1922.
2. _______ This region surrounded by deserts was the location of the earliest civilizations.
3. _______ Popularized by Britain, the prime minister is the head of this type of government.
4. _______ On March 12th, 1947, the United States oered defense to all those resisting communism.
5. _______ Government where citizens vote directly for president and representatives.
6. _______ Signed on October 30th, 1918, this ended World War I between the Ottoman Empire and
Directions: Draw an image or symbol that represents the term.
7. reservoir 8. coup 9. lira
Directions: Write a sentence using each term correctly in context.
10. Lausanne Peace Treaty
11. secular
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