The Federal Way Trafc Grafcs project is one of the
projects the Arts Commission is most proud of as it
brings added vibrancy to our city while community
members travel through town. These metal boxes
are found throughout our city and are often tagged
or vandalized. This project has been shown to help
discourage tagging and provides public art and fun
to our city. They are one way to use art to strengthen
Federal Way’s identity and sense of community. These
boxes are an innovative way to have public art in public
spaces right where people can see it, not hidden away
in a gallery.
The Federal Way Arts Commission is accepting
applications from local artists for innovative designs
and family-oriented illustrations with bold shapes and
bright, fun colors to decorate utility boxes across the
city. We are offering an $800 stipend for images used
for the project. Applicants are invited to submit up to
three conceptual renderings for consideration. They
may be a sketch or a completed illustration done with
any media.
Interested artists may submit illustrations that t the
theme of the box and the size and shape restrictions
for one or more boxes. The selection committee will
evaluate then choose from the artwork submitted and
assign box locations, as applicable. Selected artists will
be contacted to discuss the next step in getting art
on the boxes. Final artwork will need to be digitized,
transferred to vinyl, and installed on the utility box.
Your artwork could be seen and enjoyed 24 hours a day
for years to come as people drive by!
Call For Artists
Choose Your Design!
Steps to Apply:
Submit an image and completed application in a horizontal
15' × 5' image.
Selection Process:
When the next utility box comes available to wrap, the
Federal Way Arts Commission selection committee will make
a selection based on visual appeal of design concept and
artistic excellence and innovation.
Traffic Graffic
Utility Box Project
Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as space is available. Please send digitally.
Please submit the following:
•This application form, complete
•2–3 digital photos or illustrations for the box
(Artists will only be notied if selected.)
Project Specifications:
•Applications of submitted work will be kept for future consideration for upcoming utility boxes.
•Selected artists will be paid a stipend of $800 which gives the City of Federal Way rights to use the images
as they see t.
•Review and consideration will be given as utility boxes become available for wrap..
Applicant information:
Artist agrees by signing below and submitting this application that while all submitted art is owned by the Artist, the
images may be used by The City of Federal Way in the City’s utility box vinyl art wrap Trafc Grafc program and any
applicable promotional materials, such as t-shirts, mugs, key-chains, posters, etc. (some of which may be sold to help
fund future projects). While the Artist retains ownership of all submitted art, Artist agrees to not permit the selected
art to be displayed publicly for any similar project located within 15 miles of Federal Way.
Name: _____________________________________Artist’s Signature: _________________________________ Date: ________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
City & State: ___________________________________________________________________Zip: ________________________
Cell Phone: ___________________________________________________________________
E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________________________
Email application and image to
Arts & Events Coordinator, City of Federal Way
Trafc Grafc Utility Box Application
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