Business Registration Packet
We wish to take this opportunity to welcome you and your business to the community.
The City of Federal Way City Code (section 12.05.040) requires that every person doing business
within the city limits obtain a city business registration. In addition, certain businesses may also
need to obtain specialist licenses if the business activities include bathhouse, pawnbrokers,
second-hand dealers, gambling, or if liquor is served on the premises.
In addition if you make $12K a year or more, collect taxes, report taxes, or are a buyer or processor
of specialty wood products you are required to register with the Department of Revenue. To obtain
your Washington State License and U.B.I number, please contact the Department of Revenue at
1-800-647-7706, or visit one of their local branches at:
20819 72
Ave South #680 3315 So. 23
Street #300
Kent, WA 98032 Tacoma, WA 98405
(425) 656-5100 (253) 382-2000
City of Federal Way business registration fees are non-refundable. Each registration is
non-transferable and issued for a specific location. If you change locations please notify the
City licensing. If there is a change of ownership, a new business registration application
must be submitted. For businesses with multiple
locations in Federal Way, a registration is
required for each location.
Business Registrations expire December 31
of the year issued. Failure to renew your
registration by January 8 of the following year will result in penalties. A renewal notice will be sent to
your mailing address in November of each year.
Complete the following sections as they apply to your business application:
Required Sections: Fee:
Federal Way Business
(located within the city)
A, B, C, D, E, H See Table
Outside Contractor/Non Resident (business is based outside city) Use Other Application $80.00
Home Occupation
(business from residence)
A, B, C, D, E, F, H $50.00
Adult Family Home/In-Home Daycare
(additional forms required) A, B, C, D, E, H
See Table
Temporary Business/Solicitors Permit (90 days)
Non-Profit Business Registration (with documentation)
A, B, C, G, H $50.00
A, B, C, D, E, H Waived
PLEASE NOTE: An incomplete application may delay the processing of your registration.
Be sure to review your application for accuracy and completeness prior to submittal.
The City’s acceptance of your application and fee does not constitute approval or
authorization to conduct business.
Once again, welcome to the community.
We wish you every success in your business venture.
33325 8
Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003
Business Registration Information Line
(253) 835-2506 Fax (253) 835-2509
Temporary - $50
SECTION A – Business Information - Please complete all information.
Business Name
WA State UBI #
Business Address (Street/Suite# - Physical Location) Are you currently occupying this address? Yes No
City State Zip Business Phone #:
Mailing Address City State Zip Business Fax #:
Email Address:
Employees in Federal Way (do not include yourself)
#______Full Time #______Part Time
Yes Is liquor served on the premise?
State Liquor License #
Are there Gambling activities? Yes No
State Gambling License #
SECTION B – Description of Business – Describe in detail your business activities –including
which category - retail, wholesale, or services.
SECTION C Business Ownership - Attach additional pages if necessary.
Sole ProprietorPartnershipCorporationLimited Liability Non-Profit Other____________________
Company Name
(As registered with WA State):
Number of Owners, Partners,
or Corporate Officers:
Date Business began
or will begin:
Name: Title: Driver License#/State: Birthdate:
Home Address (Street/PO Box, City, State, Zip) Telephone Number: % Owned:
Name: Title: Driver License#/State: Birthdate:
Home Address (Street/PO Box, City, State, Zip) Telephone Number: % Owned:
Name of Emergency Notification/Contact: Telephone No.:
SECTION D – Business Location - Some improvements to your business may require separate
permits. Please contact the Community Development Permit Counter at (253) 835-2607 for more information.
King County Parcel #:
Are you making tenant improvements? Yes No
Building: Single Tenant
Floor Space Used
for Business (Sq. Ft.):
Name of Business Center (if applicable):
Does building/premise have
a security alarm system? YesNo
If Yes, monitored by: City alarm registration no.:
Home Occupation - $50
Business Registration # 20-____-__________
0-10 employees
11-25 employees
51-100 employees
101-500 employees
501-1000 employees
Federal Way Business
Change of Address
Businesses located within FW
SECTION E - Hazardous Materials - Required by the City of Federal Way and Fire Department.
Does your
facility currently report to the Federal Way Fire Department under Sara Title III? YesNo
Does your facility currently use or store flammable materials? YesNo
If yes, please list.
What types of hazardous materials and /or waste are used, stored, handled, processed, or generated by your
business? If additional space is needed, please attach a separate sheet(s) of paper.
What quantity (in gallons) of the above substance is stored on site at any given time?
(Excluding consumer commodities for household use packaged in quantities of less than five (5) gallons)
SECTION F – Home Occupation Required by the City if you run the business from your home.
Names all family members who reside at the home and work in the business,
include yourself:
Total Floor Space of
Do you have employees who are not a family member residing in the home? Yes No
If yes, do any of these employees visit the residence in connection with the business? Yes No
* *Non resident, non family member employees may not conduct business on this property* *
Will there be any outside storage of goods, display of materials or outside activity? Yes
If Yes, please explain:
Will the business require the use of heavy equipment, power tools or power sources not common to a residence?
Yes No , If Yes, please explain:
Will there be any pick up or delivery by commercial vehicles ? Yes No
If Yes, please explain type and frequency:
Will there be any visits to the home by clients or delivery services? Yes No
If Yes, please explain the number of deliveries expected: per week______ per month_______
Are there any conditions produced by the home occupation such as noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odor, heat, or glare
which would exceed that normally produced by a single residence, or which could create a disturbing or objectionable
condition in a neighborhood? YesNo If Yes, please explain type and frequency:
SECTION G– Temporary Business Activity - Temporary Registrations are granted for a
specific period, and are not to exceed 90 days in a calendar year.
Description of Temporary Business/Activity:
Dates of Temporary Activity:
**Please provide map of area/streets event will take place.
Attach additional paperwork if necessary**
**Signed Consent of Property Owner is required for
approval. Copy of lease agreement is acceptable**
I (we) the undersigned, declare under the penalties of perjury and the denial of a license or revocation of any license
granted, that I (we) am (are) the applicant(s) or authorized representative(s) of the firm making this application and that the
answers contained, including any accompanying information have been examined by me (us) and that the information set
forth is true, correct, and complete. I also understand that I am responsible for notifying the City Clerk, in writing, of any
change in location or mailing address within thirty days. All licenses are nontransferable. I understand my place of
business must comply with all federal, state, and local codes and ordinances.
Signature of applicant
Application prepared by
Phone Number
For office use only
Amount Received: __________ Check No.: ________________ Date Received: _____________ Receipt # _____________
Business Registration#: _______-__________________ Date Issued: ________________
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