Travel Grant
Undergraduate Application Form
Deadline dates are June 30 for fall and/or winter travel, and March 15 for summer travel.
Last Name: First Name:
Student ID: Program:
Name(s) of Travel Grant(s) you wish to be considered for:
1. 3.
2. 4.
Have you ever received a travel award before?
Yes, When?
Which one(s)?
Where are you going?
When will you depart? (year/month/day)
When will you return? (year/month/day)
Reason for your travel:
Exchange (considered a registered U of G student)
Semester Abroad (considered a registered U of G student)
Letter of Permission (NOT considered a registered U of G student)
Field Course (provide number and name:
Other* (specify: )
*If you are volunteering or travelling for independent research, you must submit supporting documentation from your
program counsellor or faculty advisor confirming that this travel experience is necessary for you to participate in and will
enhance/assist in your degree completion.
*If, during your travels, you plan to undertake research involving humans (interviews, focus groups, participant
observation) you MUST have clearance from the Research Ethics Board. Please contact the Research Ethics Coordinator
at X56606 or email
with the details.
For Office Use Only:
GPA: Last 2: Cum: Class Level:
Program: Receive Travel:
Granted: Amt: Denied: Reason:
Travel Advisory Information: To be completed only by students whose travel destination is outside Canada
Funding applications for travel to destinations for which the Department of Foreign Affairs has a Travel Warning will not
normally be considered. Please refer to the Foreign Affairs website for travel warnings.
(Check either A or B below if completing B, all 3 boxes must be checked and signatures obtained)
I have checked the Foreign Affairs website and certify that there are no Travel Warnings for my destination
country and/or region as of this date.
There is a Travel Warning for my destination and there are extenuating circumstances which require me to
travel there.
I have obtained the approval of my advisor and the Dean of my college to travel to a destination for which
Foreign Affairs has issued a Travel Warning.
Program Counsellor or Department
Chair’s Sign
College Dean’s Signature:
I have also contacted Lynne Mitchell in the Centre for International Programs (
) and after
meeting with her, have signed the appropriate High Risk Waiver, which will remain on file in the Centre for International
Centre for International Programs:
Additional Information: To be completed by all students
Attach a separate page and answer/include the following:
1. How is this travel related to your program of study?
2. Provide a detailed listing of your travel expenses (include costs directly related to your travel only, such as airfare,
vaccinations, passport fees, etc. but NOT tuition, books, accommodation, etc.)
Please indicate below:
I have a complete and error-free OSAP application on file (required)
I have an out-of-province student loan (required attach proof of funding)
If my travel plans change to something other than what was reported on this application, I will inform Student Financial
Services immediately. I understand that if I receive a travel grant in support of the travel opportunity listed on this
application and these plans change, I may be required to return this travel grant.
Student’s Signature: Date:
Completed forms can be dropped off to Student Financial Services in the University Centre, Level 3 or scan
and email all forms and other required documents to
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