Graduate Need-Based Travel Grant
Application Form
Graduate students with demonstrated financial need who are travelling for the purpose of attending a conference,
conducting research or taking a graduate course are encouraged to complete a Graduate Need-Based Travel Grant
Application. To learn more about these travel grants, use the online Graduate Awards Search
. Travel grants are given to
help with the additional costs associated with travelling expenses, like airfare, conference registration fees, visa
applications, vaccinations, etc., incurred while away from home for research or educational purposes.
Deadline dates are June 30 for Fall and/or Winter travel, October 1 for Winter travel and March 15 for Summer travel.
Completed forms and all other required documents can be dropped off to Student Financial Services in the University
Centre, Level 3 or can be scanned and emailed to
First Name: Last Name:
t ID: Program:
ent/School: Primary
Have you
previously received
funds for travel during your current program? Yes No
If yes, wh
at is the name(s) and date(s) of the award(s)?
Please indicate the semester that you will be travelling:
Summer semester: Application due March 15
Fall and/or Winter semester: Application due June 30
Winter semester: Application due October 1
Where are you going? (Co
will you depart? (year/month/day)
will y
ou return? (year/month/day)
For Office Use Only:
Has Need:
ous Travel Grants
Awarded to Student:
ter Previous Travel Grants Paid:
ved Travel Grant: A
AIDE: Notif
ied: R
Reason for your travel:
Exchange/study abroad through the Centre for International programs (considered a registered U of G student)
Attending a conference
Presenting at a conference paper accepted
Presenting at a conference decision pending
Taking a course
Conducting research
Other (specify: )
ribe y
our travel plans and explain how this travel is related to your program of study.
a list of your travel expenses (include costs directly related to your travel only, such as airfare, vaccinations,
passport fees, etc. but NOT tuition, books, etc.).
Travel Advisory Information: To be completed only by students whose travel destination is outside Canada
Funding applications for travel to destinations for which the Government of Canada has a Travel Warning will not normally
be considered. Please read the University of Guelph’s Safe Travel Policy and check the
Government of Canada’s website
for Travel Warnings.
Check either A or B below. If completing B, all three boxes must be checked and signatures obtained.
A. I have checked the Government of Canada’s website and certify that there are no Travel Warnings for my
destination country and/or region as of this date.
Student’s Signature: Date:
B. There is a Travel Warning for my destination and there are extenuating circumstances which require me to
travel there.
I have obtained the approval of my advisor and the Dean of my college to travel to a destination for which the
ernment of Canada has issued a Travel Warning.
I have also contacted Lynne Mitchell in the Centre for International Programs (lmitchel@
) and after
meeting with her, have signed the appropriate High Risk Waiver, which will remain on file in the Centre for
International Programs.
Advisor’s Signature: Date:
College D
ean’s Signature: Date:
Centre for International Programs: Date:
Additional Funding: To be completed by the student’s primary advisor
Please note that advisors have a responsibility to make a significant financial contribution to student travel especially
when the travel relates directly to or is required for the student’s research.
What are the benefits of this travel
to the
student’s program?
Will you
be funding part of the stud
ent’s travel?
Yes If yes, amount of funding: $
No If no, please provide the reason:
Advisor’s Signature: Date:
Additional Information and Checklist: To be completed by all students
Application Checklist:
I have completed all appropriate sections of the application and obtained all required signatures.
I have attached a Graduate F
inancial Need Assessment Form OR have already filed a Graduate Financial Need
Assessment Form with Student Financial Services for the semester of proposed travel.
my travel plans change to something other than what was reported on this application, I will inform Student Financial
Services immediately. I understand that if I receive a travel grant in support of the travel opportunity listed on this
application and these plans change, I may be required to return this travel grant.
Student’s Sig
nature: Date:
Notice of Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
The University of Guelph collects personal information under authority of the University of Guelph Act (1964) and the Freedom of
Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), R.S.O. 1990, c.F.31 as amended. The information collected will be used for the
purposes of administering financial assistance and awards. Information may also be used by other University of Guelph officials to
carry out their authorized academic and administrative responsibilities, and for other purposes as outlined in the Notice of Collection,
Use and Disclosure in the Graduate Calendar. Should you have any questions concerning the collection of your personal information,
you can contact Student Financial Services at (519) 824-4120 ext. 58715.
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