Uniform National Trainer’s Test Study Guide
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Along with a copy of the study guide, you will receive the ARCI’s Uniform Classification
Guidelines for Foreign Substances and Recommended Penalties and the Approved Model Rules
Chapter 11. These are both invaluable resources to use in conjunction with the study guide.
We also advise that you contact any state where you are plan on obtaining a trainers license to
obtain a copy of the states individual rules and regulations. There is an appendix in the back of
the study guide with website information for each of the racing jurisdictions along with some
other important websites.
How to apply for a Trainers License:
Contact the local Horsemen’s representative at the track where you plan to take the test. That
may be the HBPA, Horsemen’s Association, Racing Commission or the stewards. Be sure to ask
for the requirements and testing procedure of the jurisdiction where you plan to take the test.
There may be a registration fee that will be forfeited if you do not show up for your appointment.
Each state racing jurisdiction can have different trainer’s test. It is the goal of the Welfare and
Safety of the Racehorse Summits to unify the exam process for all licenses. Currently there are
many states that have adopted the Uniform National Trainers Test.
The Uniform National Trainers Test was developed after review the state trainers test and other
educational materials. The test is comprised of six sections based on the Racing Commissioner’s
International Uniform Model Rules, Racing Medication and Testing Consortium Veterinary
regulations, the Racing Officials Accreditation Program Resource Guide, and individual local
state regulations.
The six sections will be comprised of questioned pulled from a bank of national questions. Each
section will be graded independently and all sections must have at least 80% correct for a passing
mark. The Sections are divided as followed:
1. Basic Horse Health
2. Entries/Weights
3. General Rules/Employment
4. Medication Rules and Regulations
5. Race Day Rules
6. Barn Test (Practical Exam)
The Uniform National Trainers Test Study Guide was developed as a resource for those wishing
to take the test.
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