UNION COLLEGESummer Term 2020 Registration Form
Email the completed form, along with any approvals to summerreg@union.edu
Application must be on file before submitting this form if you are not a full-time Union student.
I, the undersigned agree to be responsible for and to pay Union College for the balance of my account, including collection or attorney fees incurred should I fail to meet my obligations:
(If a Union College student): I have read the above and understand the credit situation relative to my signing up for this course:
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Union College Students Only
In accordance with the summer school policy of the College, this summer course may be used to enhance your Union
College education. It can be used to fulfill requirements for the major/minor or for the General Education Program and
will appear on your transcript.
There will be a tuition charge for all course credits, including independent studies and internships.
If you are currently behind in credits, this course can be used towards the 36 minimum courses required for graduation.
If you are NOT currently behind in credits, this course will be an additional credit beyond the 36 minimum course
requirement and can not be used to accelerate graduation.
Course Prefix (ie: HST) Course Number (ie: 240) Section (ie: 01) Please Check One
For Credit ____ ____
__________________ _______________ _________
For Audit
Title: ________________________________________________________
Course Prefix (ie: HST)
Course Number (ie: 240) Section (ie: 01)
For Credit ____ ______________________ _______________ _________
For Audit
Title: _________________________________________________________
Student Category (Please check all applicable)
1. Non-degree_____
2. FT Matriculated Union Student_____
3. PT Matriculated Union Student_____
4. Employee/Spouse/Dependent_____
5. High School_____
6. UCALL_____
7. Visiting Student:_____
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Failure to notify the Registrar’s
office, in writing, of withdrawal will
result in an automatic “F” on your
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