Instructions: Fillable .pdf forms need to be downloaded, filled out, saved, then emailed from your Union email account, as it acts as
the signature. (Works best if you open with Adobe). Email the completed form to along with permissions. In
lieu of the signatures, permission can come in the form of an email as long as it comes from their account.
I, _______________________________________request permission to change my adviser.
(Please Print Name)
My current major(s): _________________________________
(Student Signature) (ID#) (Class Year) (Date)
This student has consulted with me: ____________________________________________________________
1) Department Chair Signature (Date)
This student's new faculty adviser(s) will be: ____________________________________________________
To be completed by the Department Chair(s)
REV 6/3/20
Registrar’s Office
Silliman Hall
Schenectady, NY 12308
Phone 518-388-6109
Fax 518-388-6173
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