Campus Safety Department
Operation Identification
Theft Deterrence & Recovery Program
What is Operation ID?
Operation Identification is a program to deter theft of valuable property and to help return it, if recovered.
Theft is the most common crime on any college campus. Valuable items and heirlooms can disappear quickly when doors are left
open or bags are left unattended “for just a second.” Most of the thefts are committed by people you know.
By taking preventive action, you can avoid becoming a victim of theft.
Tips to Prevent Theft
Never leave your room door unlocked even if you are just going to the restroom or down the hall. An open or unlocked door is
an invitation to steal.
Do NOT prop open exterior doors to your residence hall.
Keep your keys and access card with you at all times.
Never lend your keys or access card to anyone.
Leave valuable jewelry, especially those items with sentimental or heirloom value, at home.
Mark valuable clothing with indelible markers and never leave your laundry unattended in the laundry room.
If you do become a victim,
Contact Campus Safety right away at 518-388-6911
To participate in Operation ID
Inventory all valuables including computers, stereos, cameras, skis and bicyclesanything of value to you.
List the item, make, model, serial number, your ID number, the date of purchase and the cost of the item. You may use the “Personal Property
Inventory” form below.
Engrave the item with an ID number. The most common is to use your driver’s license number followed by your 2 letter state code.
Engravers are available to sign out at Campus Safety during normal business hours. If you need assistance an officer can help you.
Items you can’t engrave should be photographed with an instant camera.
Keep a copy of the list and photos with you and send a copy home. If you wish, the Crime Prevention Officer will also keep a copy on file.
Get valuables insured; check to make sure you have the appropriate insurance.
Personal Property Inventory
List items of value below; include the item type (bicycle, computer, etc.), the make (Toshiba, IBM), the
model, the serial number, other ID numbers or marking (the number you engrave for example), the date
of purchase and the original cost.
Engrave items with a personal identification number, all items should have the same number. You may use your driver’s license number followed by your 2-
To use the engraver:
Hold the engraver like a pencil.
Hold at a right angle to the item being engraved.
Press down firmly and engrave large enough to be seen and on a surface that is not hidden from view.
Once you are done engraving, paint over it with clear nail polish to make filing it down more difficult.
Make a copy of this list, keep one copy in a secure location where you will be able to find it, the second copy should be sent home and, if you wish, a third copy
may be left with the Campus Safety Department to be kept on file by the Crime Prevention Officer.
Get insurance, either through your parents’ homeowner’s or a renter’s policy, or on your own, to cover the cost to replace items in case of theft.
Additional inventory forms are available by request.
Serial #
Operation ID #
Original Cost