ORSP: TS Professional Development Application - V. 8/22/2018
2018-2019 Travel Support
Professional Development
Application Form
Instructions: Please be sure to read the Travel Support Professional Development Guidelines
posted on the ORSP webpage. Complete this fillable form and forward along with any required
attachments to ORSP@JU.EDU before 5:00 pm EST on the second Monday of the month. Travel
Support requests must be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the departure date. Award
decisions are returned no later than the last day of the month the request was submitted. However, any
proposal received after a deadline listed below will not be considered until the following month’s cycle.
2018 Deadlines: September 10 October 8 (Tuesday) November 13* December 10
*Monday, Nov 12 is Veterans’ Day
2019 Deadlines: January 14 February 11 March 11 April 8 May 13 June 10
I. Travel Support Request
Participation Purpose (check one): Attendee Presenter
II. Faculty Information
Academic Rank:
JU Email:
III. Travel Details
Start Date
*Per-trip MAXIMUM:
$1,000 for attending $1,500 for presenting
Original receipts required for reimbursement.
JU Travel Policy/Procedures apply.
Electronic signatures indicate review & approval. Note - the form cannot be altered once digitally signed.
Division Chair:
Required Attachments: Attendee applicants should submit this completed form and the conference
agenda (PDF, screenshots, etc., but please no links). Presenter applicants should submit this completed
form and their presentation abstract. For reimbursement, all awardees must submit original receipts, a
copy of the conference program, and, if they presented, evidence of acceptance via letter/email.
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