Purpose and Intent:
The City of Moorpark supports the ongoing operation of businesses during the COVID-19
pandemic. The Outdoor Commercial Services Permit authorizes the temporary outdoor
operation of businesses that have been prohibited from operating indoors as a result of a
state or local public health orders. This may include hair and nail salons, certain office
uses, gyms, retail, and other businesses offering services to the general public that are
unable to do so indoors or remotely.
Applications to operate outdoors will be evaluated and approved, if it is determined that the
business can operate subject to the listed conditions of approval and the following findings
are determined by City Staff:
A. The proposed outdoor operation will not constitute a nuisance to adjacent
properties, adjacent businesses, nor adjacent outdoor uses, and will not result in
noise, odors, vibration, dust, light, nor smoke;
B. The proposed outdoor operation complies with all state and local public health
orders, including but not limited to social distancing, disease prevention,
ventilation, and sanitization requirements. The proposed use shall be separated
from other outdoor uses by no less than six feet and shall maintain all required
public paths of travel and accessways; and
C. Uses occurring on the public right-of-way are limited to reception, waiting areas,
and similar uses that are not likely to impair the movement or safety of the public.
Uses that involve hazardous materials, client care services, or other potentially
disruptive activities must be conducted on private property and shall be subject to
the conditions of approval defined by the permit. Uses occurring in the public
right-of-way shall be limited to the area directly adjacent to the business frontage
and shall not be placed adjacent to neighboring business frontages without prior
written consent of such business.
Steps to Approval:
1. Complete permit application form with applicant and owners’ signatures;
2. Provide site plan (may be drawn on an aerial photo) on 8 ½” x 11” paper. Site plan
needs to identify and dimension the business, proposed outdoor service areas,
adjacent outdoor uses, table, chair and other furniture locations, utilities like water or
electrical, all proposed improvements, and all clear pedestrian walkways and vehicle
paths of travel. Identify any loading areas and accessible parking stalls near the
outdoor service area for context. Consider the proximity and compatibility between
existing outdoor uses and the proposed use. Include information on plans that shows
that potential conflicts between uses and impacts are minimized. This could include
additional barriers, separation, tent covering, etc.;
3. Submit application to Freddy A. Carrillo, Associate Planner II at
fcarrillo@moorparkca.gov; and
4. Application will be reviewed within one business day.
Please Print or Type:
Business Name: ________________________________________________________
Business Address: ______________________________________________________
Business Phone Number: ________________ Email: _________________________
799 Moorpark Avenue, Moorpark, CA 93021
Phone: (805) 517-6224
City of Moorpark
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Updated 07/31/2020
Business Owner: ______________________ Owner’s Mobile Number: _____________
Where will the outdoor service area(s) be located? (Check box that applies)
Adjacent to the business
Common area (near fountains, existing permanent seating area, etc.)
Existing parking lot (barricades or fencing may be required
City right-of-way/public sidewalk*
*An encroachment permit is required for outdoor dining within the public right-of-way, see:
Proposed Days/Hours of Operation: ___________________________________________
Business Attestation: Applicants must complete the County of Ventura Business
Attestation to operate under the State/County order.
Attestations can be made at: www.vcreopen.com
Has a business attestation been submitted and approved for the proposed
By signing below, you indicate your authorization to use the property as described
in this permit and your acceptance of all conditions of approval included on Pages
3-5. Subsequent acknowledgement is required for any Special Conditions required
by the City upon review of the application.
Applicant: Property Owner / Management Company:
_________________ ___________________________________
(Full Name) (Full Name)
__________________ ___________________________________
(Address) (Company)
(City, State, Zip)
_________________ __________________________________
(Phone) (Phone)
_________________ __________________________________
(Email Address) (Email Address)
_____________________________ ___________________________________
(Applicant Signature)
Property owner / management company signature or
See attached property owner’s authorization
Approved By: ______________________ Date of Issuance: __________________
Zoning Clearance No.: ______________ Building Permit No: _______ or □ N/A
Permit Fee: Waived as part of Executive Order 2020-07
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Updated 07/31/2020
This permit is granted subject to the following conditions of approval:
General Conditions
1. The outdoor service area is spaced in a manner that ensures compliance with
applicable social distancing requirements adopted by the Ventura County Public
Health Officer.
2. All shelters, tables, chairs, planters, fencing, barricades or other temporary outdoor
fixtures in the locations shown on the approved site plan and shall be kept well-
maintained, orderly, clean, and free of trash and debris.
3. All existing and required accessible parking spaces, loading zones, and paths of
travel shall be maintained free and available for use, as required by the 2019
California Building Code and administered by the City Building Official. The
permittee shall maintain a clear width of pedestrian walkways of no less than 48
inches, except where an unreasonable hardship exists, the Building Official may
reduce such width to no less than 36 inches.
4. Outdoor furniture or fixtures located in existing parking or driving areas (drive aisles)
shall be fenced or barricaded in a manner to ensure the safety to all persons using
or entering such areas. Such devices may include highly visible, sturdy or heavy
materials such a concrete or water filled “k rails”, bollards or heavy planters to
separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
5. All exterior areas of the site, including parking lot and sidewalks, shall have
adequate lighting if nighttime service is proposed.
6. Interior access to the existing business shall be restricted to employees only and
admittance of customers shall be prohibited, except to allow customer use of
7. Use of outdoor sinks, water sources, and drains are prohibited. Services provided by
salons shall not include chemical treatments, washing, or electrolysis.
Entertainment and Smoking:
8. The application does not authorize outdoor entertainment or amplified sound.
9. The applicant shall comply with Chapter 8.32 Prohibiting Smoking in Public Places
at all times and shall provide signs consistent with Section 8.32.040 of the Moorpark
Municipal Code.
10. It is unlawful for any person to conduct, sponsor, or knowingly participate in any
event on or within any City street, sidewalk, public parking facility, or other public
right-of-way that obstructs or interferes with the normal flow of vehicular or
pedestrian traffic or which does not comply with the applicable traffic laws.
11. The proposed outdoor operation will not constitute a nuisance to adjacent
businesses and properties and will not result in noise, odors, vibration, dust, light, or
12. All temporary electrical systems shall be permitted in accordance with California
Building and Electrical Code. Electric extension cords, power strips or surge
protectors shall be rated for outdoor use.
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Updated 07/31/2020
13. Electric lines placed along walking paths, driveways or other areas accessible to the
public or staff shall be covered with a pedestrian cable cover and or secured to the
ground to prevent a tripping hazard.
14. Shade structures or umbrellas shall be weighted and affixed to the ground. In the
case of lightning or high winds, such devices shall be removed and secured indoors.
Department/Agency Conditions
Moorpark Police Department:
15. The Police Chief and Community Development Director may revoke this zoning
clearance in their reasonable discretion if the outdoor operations are found to
endanger public health or safety or constitute a nuisance to adjacent uses.
Ventura County Environmental Health Department:
16. The outdoor service shall comply with all Ventura County Environmental Health
Department regulations.
Ventura County Fire Protection District:
17. Fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and fire protection systems shall be maintained
operational and accessible at all times. A serviced 2A:10BC rated fire extinguisher
shall be provided and mounted in all areas not to exceed 75 feet of travel. Fire
extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems and kitchen hood fire
suppression systems shall be serviced in accordance with required intervals.
18. Propane heaters shall not be used inside enclosed patios. Outside use shall comply
with manufactures clearances from combustibles and shall not block exits. Propane
storage shall be in a secure non-public accessible exterior location.
19. All portable generators shall be isolated from the public by a fence or other
enclosure. Each generator shall be provided with a serviced 2A:10BC rated fire
20. Exits shall be maintained operational and clear of obstructions.
21. A 20 feet clear emergency vehicle access road shall be maintained to the front
entrance of the occupancy.
22. It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain all required permits from the Fire
District in addition to any permit(s) issued by the City/County. The Fire District
will require permits for tents that exceed 400 square-feet, canopies that
exceed 700 square-feet, and open flame devices and use of candles.
Additional permit fees and fire safety information is available at vcfd.org or by
contacting Marnel Vanden Bossche, Senior Fire Inspector at (805) 389-9744 or
Revocation & Indemnification
23. The applicant shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City and its agents,
officers and employees from any claim, action or proceeding against the City or its
agents, officers or employees to attack, set aside, void, or annul any approval by the
City or any of its agencies, departments, commissions, agents, officers, or
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Updated 07/31/2020
employees concerning the permit, which claim, action or proceeding is brought
within the time period provided by the California Code of Civil Procedure Section
1094.6 and Government Code Section 65009. The City will promptly notify the
applicant of any such claim, action or proceeding, and if the City should fail to do so
or should fail to cooperate fully in the defense, the applicant shall not thereafter be
responsible to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City or its agents, officers
and employees pursuant to this condition. The City may, within its unlimited
discretion, participate in the defense of any such claim, action or proceeding, if both
of the following occur: the City bears its own attorney fees and costs; and the City
defends the claim, action or proceeding in good faith. The applicant shall not be
required to pay or perform any settlement of such claim, action or proceeding unless
the settlement is approved by the applicant. The applicant's obligations under this
condition shall apply regardless of whether a building permit is ultimately obtained,
or final occupancy is ultimately granted with respect to the permit.
24. The zoning clearance shall automatically expire six months after the date of
issuance or when the Ventura County Public Health Office’s social distancing
requirements allow the subject business to operate at full capacity, whichever occurs
sooner. The Community Development Director, in her reasonable discretion, may
determine that a zoning clearance has expired because indoor operations may be
allowed at full capacity.
Special Conditions related to the proposed use: