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Privacy Notice
LICENSING - Privacy Notice
What is Licensing?
Administering, enforcing and regulating licences, registrations, permits and related permissions (called
“authorisations”) within the remit of the Licensing service
Contact details specific to service
If you have any queries that are specific to Licensing please contact us via the following: licensing@cherwell-
How we use your information for Licensing
The information we request is only used for the intended licensing purpose but if we intend to use it for any other
purpose we will normally ask you first. In some cases, the Council may use your information for another purpose
if it has a legal duty to do so, to provide a complete service to you, to prevent and detect fraud, or if there is a risk
of serious harm or threat to life.
Who will have access to my personal data?
Information is shared with other regulatory and enforcement authorities including, but not limited to, other Council
services; the police; HM Revenues and Custom; Home Office Immigration; NHS services, and other local
authorities when allowed to by law for the purposes of the administration and enforcement of authorisations, and
for the purposes of the prevention and detection of crime, public safety, public health, protection of the
environment and prevention of fraud.
Certain information about authorisations (including in particular your name and the address of any premises to
which an authorisation applies) may be published on a public register on our website when we are required to by
law. Authorisations that have to be determined by our Councillors will be published in minutes on our website.
What information is processed?
We collect confidential personal information where required by law including names; addresses; dates of birth;
contact details; details of qualifications and occupations; nationality; ownership of land, premises or property;
previous criminal convictions; medical status; bank account and other financial account details; details of family
and other relationships where necessary.
Retention period
All information will usually be retained in line with current Council retention policies.
Some information, for example criminal conviction information relating to an application for an authorisation will be
disposed of as soon as the relevant decision has been made in relation to that application.
We will keep information about any enforcement action we take for three years from the date of the enforcement.
Enforcement action means but may not be limited to warnings, requirements, simple cautions, statutory notices,
or prosecutions.
Summary of rights
You have a number of statutory rights to the information we hold on you, which include access, these are
explained in the “Summary of the data subject’s rights” section of our website found under this page includes the councils privacy policy.
Alternatively you can request this information by email:
Or by post:
The Information Governance Team
Cherwell District Council
Bodicote House
OX15 4AA
To make a request for pre-application advice please complete the enquiry form below
providing as much information as possible
In order for The Council to process your data for the aforementioned purpose, we are required
to have your consent. By providing your consent, your rights under current data protection
legislation are unaffected.
y ticking this box, I give my consent for The Council to process my data for the purposes of
processing the attached application and any future enforcement.
About you and the details of your taxi licensing enquiry
Full Name:
Company Name (if applicable)
Description of Proposal
Please tick the taxi licensing type your enquiry relates to:
Taxi drivers licence, application, renewal, advice
Hackney Carriage Licensing, or Private hire vehicle
Taxi Office, or business licensing
Please provide an accurate and detailed description of your Taxi licensing proposal:
Have you contacted this, or any
other, Council previously about
this (or a similar) proposal?
Yes No
If yes, please provide details if
known e.g. dates, reference
numbers, the names of the
officers involved, and results.
Fee for Advice (Current charges)
Assistance with application form (per 60 mins) £40
Drivers suitability assessment £40
Vehicle, operators/business suitability assessment £40
Site visit, or vehicle inspection (per 90mins) £60
Fee submitted for advice
(Please note that we will not deal with your request for advice
until we receive payment)
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Please note that the confidentiality of information held by the Council can’t be
guaranteed. We may receive requests under the Freedom of Information Act to
disclose information about pre-application advice requests and the advice that we
have provided. If you consider your inquiry to be confidential, please set out the
reasons why, and for what period, any information about the enquiry needs to remain
confidential. If you submit a request for confidentiality and we receive an application
for disclosure, we will take your request into account when deciding whether to
release the information. More information about the Freedom of Information Act can
be obtained from the Department of Constitutional Affairs on the following website:
Payment and Submission
The completed application can be sent via post to: Licensing,Cherwell District Council,
Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX15 4AA along with the relevant
documentation and fee. (cheques can be made payable to Cherwell District Council)
The completed application can be sent to us via email and payment will be taken over the
phone via a debt or credit card. The email address for completed applications is and to make a payment please call 01295 753744.
Upon receipt of both the form and payment your request will be allocated to our next
available Licensing Officer.
do I get?
Pre-Application advice and assistance for this application may include the following:
Advice and assistance in completing the application including:
o Advice on appropriate conditions, and Policy requirements
o Requirements of an applicatio
Advice on legislative requirements
o Advice on licensing potential, in line with current legislation/policy
o Suitability of an application.
o Other information requested upon application.
You will receive a written report based on your application requirements within 10 working days of
Should you require a face to face meeting this can be arranged.
The final decision is made by Council Officers/Members or under delegated authority after the
application has been submitted, and subject to any consultation period. You should therefore be
aware that the council’s officers are unable to give any guarantees about the decision that will
be made in relation to applications.
This service only applies to pre-application assistance therefore ceases to apply once the
application is submitted.
3) The council will not deal with your request for assistance until we receive payment.
A new case officer (i.e. different from the officer providing pre-application advice) will be assigne
ce you have submitted your licensing application.
The confidentiality of information provided to the council cannot be guaranteed because it is subj
o the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act as the council may be
obligated to disclose information about pre-application assistance requests and the advice we have
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