Student Teaching Observation Feedback Form FY18-19
Date _______________________ Student Teacher ____________________________________________________
Subject/Grade ___________________ School____________________________________________________________
Time/Period _______________________________ Content Area__________________________________________
Main Topic of Lesson________________________________________________________________________________
University Supervisor _______________________________________________________________________________
A complete lesson plan is prepared and given to supervisor before the lesson.
Lesson plan contains all of the parts included on the lesson plan checklist.
All materials are prepared for the lesson.
Teacher candidate knows what is coming next during the lesson.
Teacher candidate knows the content well.
The Teacher Candidate……………
Speaks respectfully to all students.
Uses good grammar.
Voice is clear and at a volume conducive to learning.
Shows enthusiasm for the lesson.
Writing is legible and error-free.
Uses academic language appropriately.
Body language is conducive to learning and to the well being of students.
Student Needs
The Teacher Candidate…………..
Uses a variety of instructional strategies.
Differentiates instruction to address special needs, interests, and learning styles.
Calls on a variety of students.
Helps students during independent work time.
Recognizes when a student is struggling and provides appropriate support.
Shows an interest in students’ learning.
Classroom Management
Teacher candidate is aware of what is going on in all areas of the classroom.
All students are engaged.
Teacher candidate addresses behavior issues effectively.
Teacher candidate waits until all students are listening before giving instructions.
Teacher candidate remains calm and controlled during challenging situations.
Transitions are smooth.
Start of lesson effectively captures students’ attention
Objectives and instruction are congruent.
Accommodations are made for special needs in practice as well as on the lesson plan.
Instruction is at the developmental level of the students.
Students are active participants in their learning.
Assessments effectively measure objectives.
Closing of the lesson is obvious and reviews learning.
Transition to the next activity is smooth and students know what to do.
Teacher candidate displays confidence while teaching.
Teacher Candidate Reflection
What are the teacher candidate’s strengths during this lesson?
What improvements should be made?