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Last updated: 21 February 2018
Student Programme Deletion
AskAuckland Central
Alfred Nathan House, 24 Princes St
Phone: 0800 61 62 63 or
+64 9 373 7599 ext 82066
To delete or discontinue a programme. NB: This form cannot be used to request deletion from course enrolments.
Any correspondence about this programme deletion will be sent to your University email address
Important: Any enrolments assigned to the programme(s) you wish to delete must be reassigned to another programme or
deleted before handing in this form. See below for information on deadlines. To delete enrolments, please visit:
Your details
ID number:
First name/s: Last name:
Programme to delete
Deleting a programme removes references to that degree, diploma or certificate from your academic record.
Programme to delete:
(eg, Bachelor of Arts)
Second programme to delete:
(Where applicable)
Third Programme to delete:
(Where applicable)
Authorisation to delete
I wish to delete the programme(s) listed above, and I have deleted or reassigned all enrolments assigned to the programme(s).
Name Date Signature
Complete this form and email it to or return it to AskAuckland Central, Alfred Nathan
House, 24 Princes Street, Auckland. Once completed, the programme(s) will not show on your Student Services Online web
transcript. If your request was received after the deadline, they will show as discontinued.
Office use only
Programme deleted Programme discontinued Unable to delete
Processing stamps
The deadlines for applications to delete programmes are the same as those for adding or deleting courses (with a
refund of fees) for the admit term of the programme (eg, Semester One). See Deadlines for changes to enrolment in
the University Calendar. If an application is received after these dates the programme will be discontinued rather
than deleted.
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