Vetting Service
Request & Consent Form
NZPVS-CS – 05/19
Section 1: Approved Agency to complete
(For more information please see the Guide to Completing the
Consent Form -
Name of Approved Agency submitting vetting request:
Name of Applicant to be vetted:
Description of Applicant’s role:
Applicant’s purpose
Employee Contractor/Consultant Volunteer Prosecution
Vocational Training Licence/Registration Visa/Work Permit Other
What group(s) will the applicant have contact with in their role for your agency?
Children/Youth Elderly Other Vulnerable Adults Other
What is the applicant’s primary role for your agency?
Caregiving (Children)
Caregiving (Vulnerable a
Will the role take place in the applicant’s home?
Yes No
Will the applicant be a volunteer or paid for their role?
Paid Volunteer
Is this request mandatory under the Children’s Act 2014 (CA)?
Yes: Core childrens worker Yes: Non-core childrens worker
No (mandatory under other legislation/optional/standard Police Vet)
If this is a mandatory Children’s Act request, please specify the check reason below:
New Children’s Worker Existing Children’s Worker CA Renewal
Evidence of Identity (to be completed by agency representative/delegate or identity referee - see guide for details)
A primary ID has been sighted (Mandatory) A secondary ID has been sighted (Mandatory)
One form of ID is photographic (Mandatory) Evidence of name change has been sighted (if applicable)
OR: If your organisation is able to accept a verified RealMe identity then:
An assertion of a RealMe identity has been received (see guide for further information).
In making this request, I confirm that:
I have complied and will comply with the Approved Agency Agreement
I am satisfied with the correctness of the applicants identity
I have obtained the Applicant’s authorisation to submit this vetting request as set out in section 3 of this form
Approved Agency Authorised Representative:
Name: Date:
Signature: Electronic
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Daniel Brady - Director Operations
Unitec Institute of Technology
Programme Name - Student
Vetting Service
Request & Consent Form
NZPVS-CS – 05/19
Name of Approved Agency submitting vetting request:
Section 2: Applicant to complete and return to Approved Agency
*Denotes a mandatory field
Personal Information
Details (note: the name you are most commonly known by is your primary name)
*Family name (Primary):
Given name(s):
(M) (F) (Other) *Date of birth:
Place of birth:
*Country of birth
NZ Driver Licence
Previous names: If applicable, please include other alias or alternate names; married name if not your primary name;
previous/maiden/name changed by deed poll or statutory declaration.
Family name
First name
Middle names
Permanent Residential Address
Suburb: Post Code:
Rural District:
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Vetting Service
Request & Consent Form
NZPVS-CS – 05/19
Section 3: Applicant to complete and return to Approved Agency
Consent to release information
1. The New Zealand Police may release any information they hold if relevant to the purpose of this vetting request.
This includes:
Conviction histories and infringement/demerit reports
Active investigations, charges and warrants to arrest
Charges that did not result in a conviction including those that were acquitted, discharged without conviction,
iverted or withdrawn
Any interaction I have had with New Zealand Police considered relevant to the role being vetted, including
investigations that did not result in prosecution
Information regarding family violence where I was the victim, offender or witness to an incident or offence,
primarily in cases where the role being vetted takes place in a home environment where exposure to physical
or verbal violence could place vulnerable persons at emotional or physical risk.
Information subject to name suppression where that information is necessary to the purpose of the vet
2. If I am eligible under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004, my conviction history will not be released unless:
a. Section 19(3) of the Clean Slate Act applies to this request (exceptions to the clean slate regime)
b. Section 31(3) of the Children’s Act 2014 applies to this request (safety checks of core children’s workers).
c. The vetting request is made by an individual for the purpose of an overseas Visa/Work Permit as a Privacy Act
request authorising the vetting result to be provided directly to the relevant embassy, high commission or
Please see the guide
for more information regarding the Clean Slate legislation.
3. The Police Vetting Service may disclose newly-obtained relevant information to the Approved Agency after the
mpletion of the Police Vet in the following circumstances:
The disclosure of the newly-obtained information is considered to be justified under the Privacy Act 1993 (if it
had existed or been available at the time of the Police vet, it would have been disclosed); and
The Police Vetting Service has taken steps to confirm that the purpose of the Police vet still exists e.g. that I
got the role which required a Police vet and am still employed or engaged in it.
The Vetting Service will endeavour to notify you prior to the disclosure.
4. Information provided in this consent form may be used to update New Zealand Police records.
5. I am entitled to a copy of the vetting result released to the Approved Agency (to be provided by the agency) and ca
seek a correction by contacting the Vetting Service.
6. The Approved Agency will securely dispose of this consent form, copies of identification documents and the vetting
result within 12 months of receiving the result unless a longer retention period is required by legislation.
7. I may withdraw this consent, prior to Police’s disclosure of the vetting result, by notifying the Approved Agency.
For further information, please see the Guide to Completing the Consent Form
Applicant’s Authorisation:
I confirm that the information I have provided in this form relates to me and is correct.
I have read and understood the information above.
I authorise New Zealand Police to disclose any personal information it considers relevant to my application (as
described above) to the Approved Agency making this request for the purpose of assessing my suitability at any time.
Name: Date:
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Vetting Service
Request & Consent Form
NZPVS-CS – 05/19
Section 4: Applicant to complete for Australian check (if required)
Additional Personal Information (for Australian National Police History Check)
Last Permanent Australian Residential Address
*Post Code:
Rural District:
*State or Territory:
*Period of Residence
Start date (dd/mm/yyyy)
*Period of Residence
End date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Australian Driver's Licence No:
(if applicable)
Issued by:
Australian Firearms Licence No:
(if applicable)
Issued by:
General Information for an Australian National Police History Check
General Information
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is collecting your personal information in this form in order to conduct a
National Police History Check (NPHC) on you. Approved Agencies in New Zealand, named in section one, use the personal
information collected on this form and the resulting NPHC as part of the assessment process to determine suitability for the
position/entitlement/benefit which you are applying for.
Unless statutory obligations require otherwise, the information provided on this form will not be used without your prior
consent for any purpose other than in relation to the assessment of your suitability or to maintain the records of ACIC,
Australian Police Agencies
, or NZ Police.
You will be required to complete another consent form for any future NPHC checks.
National Police History Check (NPHC)
A NPHC is an integral part of the assessment of your suitability. Information on this form will be used by ACIC, and Australian
Police Agencies for checking action; it will also be used to update records held about you by ACIC, Australian Police Agencies
and NZ Police.
Information released may include outstanding charges, warrant information and criminal convictions/findings/pleas of guilt
recorded against you that may be disclosed according to the laws of the relevant jurisdiction and, in the absence of any
laws governing the release of that information, according to the relevant jurisdiction information release policy.
Limitations on accuracy and use of Police History Information
While every care has been taken by ACIC to conduct a search of information held by Australian Police Agencies that relate
to the applicant, the accuracy and quality of this NPHC depends on accurate identification of the Applicant (including
aliases) according to the information provided in the Request and Consent Form and the comprehensiveness of police
records. If the applicant does not complete the information requirements in this form the success and validity of the NPHC
will be compromised.
If for any reason you do not agree with the results of your NPHC, please notify the Approved Agency that you submitted the
check through in the first instance, so that the NPHC dispute process can be initiated.
The release of information by Australian Police Agencies is subject to relevant Spent Convictions, non-disclosure legislation
or information release policies.
Spent Conviction Schemes
The aim of Spent Convictions legislation2 is to prevent discrimination on the basis of certain previous convictions. Spent
Convictions legislation limits the use and disclosure of older, less serious convictions and findings of guilt. Each Australian
Police Agency will apply the relevant Spent Convictions legislation/information release policy prior to disclosure.
Australian Federal Police, ACT Policing, The New South Wales Police Force, Queensland Police Service, South Australia Police, Victoria Police, Western
Australia Police, Northern Territory Police Force, Tasmania Police Service
Applicable Spent Conviction legislation, as amended from time to time
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Vetting Service
Request & Consent Form
NZPVS-CS – 05/19
General Information for an Australian National Police History Check, (continued)
The following links may be helpful in sourcing information on Spent Convictions in the Australian States & Territories but may
not be relied upon. If further information or clarification is required please contact the individual Australian Police Agencies
directly for further information about their release policies and any legislation that affects them.
New South Wales
South Australia
Victoria Police
Western Australia
Northern Territory -
Australian Capital Territory
Provision of incomplete, false or misleading information
An Approved Agency or Applicant must take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected, or disclosed
is accurate, complete and up to date.
You are asked to certify that the personal information you have provided on this form is correct. If it is subsequently discovered,
for example as a result of a check of police records, that you have provided incomplete, false or misleading information, you
may be assessed as unsuitable.
It is a serious offence to provide false or misleading information in Australia.
Consent to disclosure
(for Australian National Police History Check)
1. I have read the General Information in section 3 of this form and understand that information will be disclosed in accordance
with applicable legislation and information release policies (including spent convictions legislation, however described) in
the Commonwealth, States and Territories;
2. I understand that the position/entitlement for which I am being considered may be in a category for which exclusions from
Spent Convictions legislation may apply;
3. I have fully completed this form, and the personal information I have provided in it relates to me, contains my full name and
all names previously used by me, and is correct;
4. I acknowledge that the provision of false or misleading information is a serious offence;
5. I acknowledge that the Approved Agency named in Section 1 of this form is collecting information in this Form to provide
to New Zealand Police to provide to ACIC (an Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia) and the Australian Police Agencies;
I consent
a. ACIC using and disclosing personal information about me in this form to the Australian Police Agencies;
b. the Australian Police Agencies disclosing to ACIC, from their records, Police History information that can be disclosed in
accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth, States and Territories and in accordance with the relevant
jurisdiction’s information release policies;
c. ACIC disclosing the information disclosed by the Australian Police Agencies to New Zealand Police, and
d. New Zealand Police disclosing any criminal history information about me to the Approved Agency named in Section 1
of this form to assess my suitability in relation to my application;
7. I acknowledge that any information provided by me in this form relates specifically to the purpose identified in Section 1 of
this form;
8. I acknowledge that any information provided by the Australian Police Agencies or ACIC relates specifically to the purpose
identified in Section 1 above;
9. I acknowledge that personal information that I provide in this form may be disclosed to the Approved Agency named in
Section 1 of this form (including contractors or related bodies corporate) located in New Zealand or overseas; and
10. I acknowledge that it is usual practice for an Applicant's personal information in this form to be disclosed to New Zealand
Police and Australian Police Agencies for them to use for their respective law enforcement purposes including the
investigation of any outstanding criminal offences.
Note: The information provided in this form will be used only for the purpose stated above unless statutory obligations require
Applicant’s Authorisation:
I have read and understood the information above and consent accordingly
. Signed in electronic form
or, Signature: ____________________________ Date:
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