Spring 2020 PASS/FAIL FORM
April 20, 2020 - May 1, 2020 Form must be complete and emailed by 5:00 PM to
Students must understand that:
1. The decision to choose the P/F option and any curricular repercussions for doing so are solely
the responsibility of the student. The student should consult their advisor.
2. A student must earn at least a C- to have a grade of P recorded. A grade of D+, D, D-, or F
received under this option will be recorded in the student’s academic history as such and
counted in the cumulative grade point average. The grade of P is not computed in the student's
cumulative grade point average.
3. The P/F option is not reversible once elected by the student. (e.g., If a student elects P/F and
ultimately earns an A, for example, a P will still be recorded.
4. The instructor has no knowledge of the student electing the P/F option. The actual letter grade
earned by the student is recorded by the instructor and converted to a P/F grade by the Office of
the Registrar.
5. The P/F option may render a course non-transferable to other institutions.
6. The P/F option, if used frequently, may result in an insufficient recordable GPA to qualify the
student for certain co-curricular activities, such as athletics.
7. Students should be aware that some highly competitive graduate, medical, nursing, dental, law,
or other professional schools may not be willing to consider for admission those students with
pass grades on their official transcripts. The student should consult their advisor.
8. Academic honors (High Dean’s List and Dean’s List) are awarded to students with 12 or
more graded credit hours. Electing the P/F option for course(s) that reduce the total number of
graded credits to below 12 will affect eligibility.
*If on academic probation, meet with a member of the CAPP office, who will, if approved,
forward to the advisor.
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*CRN=Course Reference Number-found on
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Revised 3/2020
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