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Petition to Participate in Commencement Policy
A student in the last semester of studies, but who will not complete all degree requirements in time to receive the diploma at the next scheduled
commencement, may petition to participate in graduation ceremonies.
The student must have the petition approved by his/her adviser, academic Dean and the Registrar. The petition may be approved if the student has
no more than eight credits or no more than two courses left to complete the degree. The student must show evidence on the petition that all course
work will be completed no later than the start of the next term immediately following their last term at Millikin. The Registrar must approve transfer of
courses taken at another institution in advance.
The remaining minimum requirements to earn this degree are as follows:
My plans to complete the requirements are as follows:
Degrees are awarded at the official close of the Fall, Spring and Summer terms. Degrees are granted by vote of the faculty and the Board of Trustees.
To be granted a degree, all degree requirements must be complete and confirmed by the Registrar by: February 1 for a degree awarded in Fall term;
July 1 for a degree awarded in Spring term; or September 1 for a degree awarded in Summer term. Once a deadline for awarding has passed, no further
degrees will be awarded for the respective term except for errors in administrative processing. In cases where course work is completed after the
deadline, students may petition the Registrar for a letter confirming the completion of degree requirements and confirmation of pending degree to be
awarded at the end of the next term.
Required Signatures:
Faculty Advisor:
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Rev Aug 2017