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Rev 8/19
A course repeated at an institution other than Millikin does not eliminate the previous grade from being computed in the student's grade point
average. The repeated course will be recorded for zero earned credits, but can be used to satisfy degree requirements. Transfer courses do
not affect the overall grade point average.
Please Provide ALL Information!
Generally, no more than 66 credit hours from a two-year college will be accepted. The Registrar, in consultation with the student’s advisor or
academic Dean, will determine the merit of a request to exceed the 66 credit rule.
Credits can be accepted from accredited institutions provided that 33 of the last 45 credits are completed on the Millikin campus. Courses with
grades of less than C - will not be accepted. Only credits earned in transfer will be recorded on the Millikin transcript. Grades are not
calculated into the student’s Millikin overall GPA.
All information above must be provided or classes will NOT be Approved!
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