Sponsor Authorization to Invoice Form
Complete and return to: University of Windsor, Cashiers Office,
(Via only one method)
401 Sunset Ave, Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4
Email: sponsor@uwindsor.ca
* Required Fields
Student Name*:
Student Number*:
Sponsor Number*:
If you do not have a sponsor number go to www.uwindsor.ca/sponsor and complete the Sponsor Approval Request Form.
Sponsor Name*:
Sponsor Address:
Reference Number:
Contact/Counsellor Name:
Contact/Counsellor Phone #:
Last Term Sponsored*:
Amount Sponsored*: All Fees
(check all that apply) Tuition and Incidentals Only
Tuition and Incidental and Drug and Dental Plan
Maximum Amount $
select one per term
per year
duration of sponsorship
Residence/Meal Plan
select one In full
Max Amount $
Other Fees Covered: Transcripts
(note: contact the Bookstore Library Fines Graduation Application
directly if books are Parking Fines Fax/Scan/Postage
being covered) Missed Medical Appointments
Note: Payment is due upon receipt of Invoice. Any fees that are not to be covered by you will be the responsibility of the
student. If you do not pay the invoice the student will be required to pay the balance and/or will not be allowed to register
in future terms or receive transcripts until the balance is paid in full.
The University of Windsor reserves the right to cancel your sponsorship at our discretion
Office Use Only
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