Purchasing PO06
Payment Request Form
Purpose: This form will enable the campus community to submit a payment request to Accounts Payable when no invoice is received. An example
would be an individual who provided a guest speaker service to the University and will not be providing an invoice. This Form will act as the invoice
to initiate payment. The process for achieving payment is as follows:
1. Log into UWinsite Finance and navigate to Purchasing (green cart)
2. From “Quick Links” section, select “Smart Form (Payment Request)”
3. Complete and submit the Smart Form, detailing the payment that you need to issue. Note that this step will require you to confirm your supplier exists in the
data base; if the supplier does not currently exist, the supplier will have to be added. Once submitted, note the Order Number assigned by UWinsite Finance in
the space provided on the form below (you will need this number to complete the Payment Request Form).
4. Complete this Payment Request Form, and submit to apinvoices@uwindsor.ca
5. Once the goods have been received, log into UWinsite Finance and “receive” this order in the Receipts Section. Receipt must occur before supplier payment
can be made.
Requestor Information:
Date (YYYY-MM-DD): _______________________ Name: ___________________________________
Department: ______________________________ Email: ___________________________________
Supplier Information
Supplier (Payee) Name: ___________________________ Supplier Number: ____________________
Site Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Order Information
ORDER NUMBER (from Payment Request Smart Form): ___________________ Currency: ______________
Description (of Item/Service)
Unit Price
Total Amount
Submit the completed form to APInvoices@uwindsor.ca
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