Purchasing PO01
Bid Form for Surplus Goods
Disposal File No.: ________________________ Closing Date: ________________________
Please submit offer by completing and returning one signed copy of this form, scanned and e-mailed
to procurement@uwindsor.ca. Please include Name, Disposal File Number and item description in
the e-mail subject line
Offers are invited for the purchase and removal of
surplus goods listed below. Offers must be on an "as is
where is" basis and subject to conditions of sale set
forth herein and on the reverse.
Terms of Sale: Cash , Debit Card, Certified Cheque or
Internal Account
Internal Account Number:
Sales Tax: Extra
F.O.B. University of Windsor
Inspection prior to submitting an offer is the
responsibility of the bidder and may be arranged during
regular working hours by contacting:
Dept: Ext: __________________
Unless otherwise provided for herein and unless
notified within ten (10) days after closing date, the
bidder may assume that their offer is not accepted.
The purpose of this form is to allow any interested individuals to bid on goods being sold as surplus by the
University. Upon closing date, Purchasing will notify the highest bidder and provide instructions on how to pay
and claim the item.
We, the undersigned, are satisfied as to the quality, type, kind and condition of the items listed and submit this offer to
purchase subject to the conditions contained herein and on the reverse. We state that we have read, understand and
accept all conditions as listed.
Signature & Title:
Date: _____________________________________
Bidder's Name: (please print)
Address/Department: _______________________________
City and Province: ______________________________
Email: __________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________
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1. WITHDRAWAL- UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR (hereinafter referred to as the “Corporation”) reserves the right to
withdraw from the sale any property which has not been delivered to the Purchaser, without incurring any
liability except to refund to the Purchaser the amount paid on account of such property without interest.
2. CONDITION OF PROPERTY The property listed herein is offered for sale “as-is-where is”. The Corporation
makes no warranty express or implied as to the condition of the property or its fitness for any use or purpose. This
property has been given no general check for condition.
3. REMOVAL The Purchaser, upon acceptance of this offer by the Corporation, shall at his expense, pack, load and
remove the property within seven (7) days after the date indicated on the Corporation's Invoice.
4. PROPERTY SHALL NOT BE REMOVED until an official University of Windsor receipt in the amount of the offered price
plus applicable taxes has been secured from the Cashier’s Office and presented to the seller.
5. THE PURCHASER will provide at least one working day prior notice to the University Procurement Office, of the
Date and time that removal will be made.
6. FAILURE TO REMOVE - Should the purchaser fail to remove the property in accordance with Paragraphs 3,4 and 5
the Corporation, without prejudice to any other remedies, may cancel the contract without notice to the Purchaser
and retain as liquidated damages any deposit or amount paid on account of the property. The Purchaser shall
lose all claim to and interest in the property and may be held responsible for all loss, cost and expense incurred by
the Corporation due to his failure or default.
7. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY The Purchaser shall be responsible for any damage to Corporation property real or
otherwise resulting from the removal of the property sold. The Corporation shall have final say as to the
manner in which property is removed.
8. ADJUSTMENTS If, through withdrawal, loss or error, material cannot be delivered to the Purchaser, the
Corporation’s liability shall be limited to refund of the purchase price, or such portion thereof as the
Corporation may determine to be equitable, without interest.
9. UNDISCLOSED PRINCIPAL, BRIBES, ETC. The Corporation reserves the right to cancel the sale and limits its
liability to a refund of the purchase price without interest if the property is purchased on behalf of an
undisclosed principal. The same shall apply if the sale is brought about by a bribe, gift, or gratuity, or other
inducement, to any official or employee of the UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR.
10. SELLER’S LIABILITY The Corporation does not assume my liability for injury, or loss, incurred by anyone in the
inspection, removal, use or handling of the property listed herein.
11. RESERVATION- The University reserves the right to refuse any or all bids if in its opinion they are unacceptable for
any reason.
12. IDENTICAL BIDS In the event of identical bids from two or more bidders for the same item, the bidders will have
the option of withdrawing their individual bid or re-submit another bid to the University Procurement Office. Bid
may be submitted electronically by scanning the completed and signed form to procurement@uwindsor.ca. Please
include Name, Disposal File Number and item description in the e-mail subject line.