Rochdale Memorial Gardens Bench Scheme
Nomination Form for a Memorial Bench (replica of 1950s style ornate, long bench)
to be gifted to Rochdale Council for installation at Rochdale Memorial Gardens
Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
Tel No: ________________________________________________________
Bench allocated (Number): ________________________________________
Plaque Inscription (Capital lettering unless otherwise indicated):
(Maximum 100 characters including punctuation and spaces)
Cheques should be made payable to Rochdale MBC. This will pay for the bench
(Replica of ornate 1950s style bench that used to be in the sunken garden with
100% hardwood construction) purchase, memorial plaque purchase, bench
installation and maintenance of the bench for a period of 10 years.
At the end of 10 years you will be contacted again to see if you wish to purchase
another 10 years of maintenance (current cost £410) or have the plaque removed
and the name / donation / inscription placed on a Memorial Roll thanking people
who have donated a bench.
Please send this form and cheque to:
Ian Trickett
Environmental Management Headquarters
Green Lane, Heywood
Rochdale, OL102DY
If you have any queries about the Memorial Bench Scheme, please contact Ian
Trickett, Tel 01706 922047 or e-mail Phillip.Georgiou@Rochdale.Gov.Uk You
can also pass this Memorial Bench request via the Friends of Queen’s Park.
Office use only
Cheque received:
Date bench Installed: