Request to Exceed Maximum Lodging Rates
All travelers must provide a justification, documentation and obtain prior approval from the
Office of Business Affairs to exceed the maximum federal lodging rate. Maximum lodging per
diem rates can be found at Please call the Office of Business Affairs at 5532
with any questions.
Traveler’s Name: __________________________________________________________________
Destination: ___________________________ Dates of Travel: ____________________________
Purpose of Travel: _________________________________________________________________
Lodging Rate: _________________________ Per Diem Rate for Destination: ________________
Provide a justification for exceeding the maximum federal lodging per diem rates:
If attending a conference or meeting in which the host has negotiated hotel rates, please attach the
conference/meeting package showing the location, dates, conference hotels, and rates.
Traveler’s Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ___________________
Department: ___________________________ Account Number: _________________________
Supervisor’s Signature: __________________________________ Date: ___________________
Office of Business Affairs ONLY:
___________ Approved _____________ Denied
Controller: ____________________________________________ Date: ____________________