Fill out a Building Permit application. Under Project Information check other and then note in Scope of Work,
reroof home. In the subcontractor section of the permit application fill out the section under roof.
Read and follow the Reroof Checklist (attached) and include all necessary items with your permit application.
For all inspections, the Inspectors need the following on the job: manufacturer’s installation instructions, NOC,
permit card, roof plan, and product approval sheet.
The Contractor must sign the Affidavit of Compliance (attached) and have it notarized.
All reroofs will undergo an in-progress inspection and a final inspection. The purpose of the in-progress
inspection is to verify the underlayment requirements and compliance with the Hurricane Mitigation
requirements. The contractor must schedule the in-process inspection for the day the job starts so the
inspector can visit the job at the appropriate time.
If the Contractor so chooses, the in-progress inspection may be substituted with photos that certify the
requirements associated with a reroof. The Contractor must then have adequate photos to verify that the
nails are the correct nails, installed with the correct spacing and are not over driven. Also, photos that show
compliance with the other requirements listed below. If adequate photos are not taken, the Contractor may
be required to strip back shingles to verify compliance with the code. It is recommended to take a photo of
the box of nails with the label prominently displayed.
DECK NAILING 8d nails spaced no greater than 6” o.c. with nail heads flush with deck. For 1x12 decking
material, two nails per rafter crossing. Do not over drive the nails.
DRIP EDGE The Fl. Building Code requires drip edge to be overlapped by a minimum 3” and to be nailed at 4
o. c.
UNDERLAYMENT Shall be attached to a nailable deck in a grid pattern of 12” (305 mm) between the side
laps, with 6 (152 mm) spacing at the side laps.
FLASHING Any of the recognized methods outlined in R905.2.8.2
NAILS Take a picture of the nail box showing that they are 8d, .113 with .028 nail heads.
PHOTOS Must be present at the final inspection along with the signed affidavit. Photos must be able to
indicate proper installation of valley lining, drip edge, deck nailing and underlayment as outlined above.
CONTRACTOR SIGNATURE_____________________________ DATE___________________
City of Groveland Building Dept., 156 S. Lake Ave., Groveland, Fl. 34736 email -
Phone: 352-429-2141
Reroofing Inspection Affidavit
Nailing, Sheathing, Dry-In & Flashing
Permit No: Address:
I , as a(n) General*, Building*,
Residential*, or Roofing Contractor, Engineer, Architect, or F.S. Chapter 468 Building Inspector, I
hereby affirm, that all of the foregoing information is true and accurate and that the sheathing,
nailing, dry-in, and flashings at the above referenced address/lot have been installed in accordance
with the attached scope of work, complying with all applicable codes and standards. Based upon my
examination I have determined the installation was done in conformance to the Hurricane Mitigation
Retrofit Manual (Based on F.S. Chapter 553.844).
License #:
Contractor’s Signature: _____
(Must be signed by license holder)
A final roofing inspection is required
This signed and notarized affidavit must be provided at the job site at the time of the final
roofing inspection along with digital photographs of each plane of the roof with the permit
number or address number clearly
marked on the deck for each inspection. The
photographs must include a ruler or measuring device to confirm nail spacing and
overlaps including drip edge and valley flashing.
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this day of , 20 , by
who is personally known to me or has produced
as identification and who did or ____did not take an oath.
Notary Public
Printed Name:
My Commission Expires:
*No general, building, or residential contractor certified after 1973 shall act as, hold himself or
herself out to be, or advertise himself or herself to be a roofing contractor unless he or she is
certified as a roofing contractor.
City with Natural
Reroof Checklist
Completed Permit Application
Contractor License and Insurance Information Current
Notice of Commencement if the job is valued over $2500
A copy of the contract between the owner and the contractor.
Property Records Card, which can be located at the Lake County Property Appraiser’s website at
Roof pitch must be included in the scope of work description
Product approval for each different product being installed
Manufacturer installation specifications that is specific to the job being proposed.
If this a roof-over, where the existing shingles are not removed, the product approval information must indicate that
the shingles were tested in this manner. If the product approval information does not indicate installationover
existing shingles, then you will need local product approval and an engineer will need to provide evidence that the
installation will provide the same level of protection as the product approval for installation over a wood deck.
Instructions: Be sure that you have submitted all the items on the list above.