User has read, understood, and agrees to the terms on this page: Initials:
City of Groveland
Building Department
156 S Lake Ave Groveland, FL 34736
eTRAKiT User Registration Application
The eTRAKiT system is an optional online service provided by the City of Groveland, which
replaces the prior permit process permit program. In consideration of being authorized to use
(hereinafter referred to as the “User”)
(Print name) having an address of ______________________
and an e-mail address of __________________________
understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions:
1. Only the User may obtain a building permit through eTRAKiT. The
User will keep
l and shall take all necessary steps to insure that User shall o
nly use any
or PINs used to access eTRAKiT and User shall be fully responsible for a
ny use
of the eTRAKiT system by persons using any password or PIN issu
ed to U
2. All work authorized by any permit must comply with all applicable ordinances and codes
adopted by the City of Groveland.
3. All work authorized by permit is subject to inspection. Required inspections can be
scheduled t
4. Permits shall automatically EXPIRE, and become void if work has not started within 180 days from
the issuan
ce date, or if the work starts and then stops for a period of six months. On
e extension of up
to six months may be granted if requ
ested in writing, along with applicable fees. All w
ork authorized
by this permit must be completed within 1 year from the issu
ance date
5. Work shall not commence until the User is in receipt of an issued building
User must be properly licensed by the State Contractors Bo
ard to perform all work for
User obtain
s permits. All permits will be verified upon issuanc
e. Plumbing, mechanical,
electrical and roofing permits issued to B (General) License contractors
will be void and ineligible for refund.
7. User hereby certifies that all information provided herein is correct and that all information
will provide through eTRAKiT will be correct.
shall abide by all the terms listed in the declaration on the building permit.
User must
print and sign the permit. User, or User’s designee shall post the permit and inspection
record list at the job site.
User has read, understood, and agrees to the terms on this page: Initials:
9. Only the “Descriptions of Work” supplied by City of Groveland within this application
package shall be used to obtain permits through eTRAKiT. All permits with unauthorized
description are subject to revocation.
10. User’s ability to continue using eTRAKiT shall be revoked if User fails to adhere to any of the
above noted terms or any City of Groveland Codes or ordinances, or any State or Federal laws
or regulations.
"Total fees due" refer to Building Inspection fees only. All other fees (i.e. public works, utility department
environmental health and fire department, school, inclusionary housing, etc.) are paid separately.
Using eTRAKiT:
To initiate the permit application in eTRAKiT, a valid address must be selected within
eTRAKiT. If User does not find the valid address, User must contact the Building Department
to correct discrepancies or assign an address.
Upon renewal of User’s State Contractor’s License and/or City of Groveland Business License, User
must contact the City of Groveland Building Department to update User’s file. The User cannot obtain
web permits if User’s State Contractor License or City of Groveland
Business License does not appear to be current in the eTRAKit system.
I hereby declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Florida that the following information is
true and correct:
Name Business Name
Mailing Address
City, State & Zip
Telephone Numbe
Fax Numbe
License Numbe
Expiration Date
License Classification
Supplemental Classification (s)
Business License No.
Business Lic. Expiration Date
I hereby declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Florida that I am licensed by the Florida
Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and that my license is in full force and effect.
I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that I am in compliance with R.69L, F.A.C. and Ch. 440,
Florida Statutes.
Policy Numbe
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Florida that all of the statements and
information on this page are true and correct and that this application was executed on ,
in , Florida.
I agree to comply with all applicable county and state laws, codes, ordinances, regulations and policies
relating to building construction and hereby authorize representatives of the City of Groveland to enter upon
the property where work is being conducted for inspection purposes. If for any reason my license has been
suspended or revoked, I will notify the City of Groveland Building Department immediately and this
registration will be voided.
By signing below, and initialing each page herein, I acknowledge my understanding of and voluntarily agree to
all of the terms and conditions and other information set forth above in this eTRAKiT User Application:
User Signature Date
User has read, understood, and agrees to the terms on this page: Initials: