City with
____Completed Application including property records card (can be found at
____ Application Signed by Owner or Fence/Paver Installation Company completely filled
____ Site Plan/Survey showing location of Fence/Pavers. Total impervious area to be
calculated including new area covered by Pavers.
____ Notice of Commencement if value over $2,500.
____ Written H O A approval (if required by your Association) needs to be included with
your application
____ Disclosure Statement if work is being done by an owner builder.
____ Notarized Easement Waiver filled out and attached, if you are putting fence/pavers
in an easement, form attached
____ Once fence/pavers are installed you must request inspection (within 7 days of
completion) by calling City of Groveland at 352-429-4116.
____ Side of fence that is most aesthetically pleasing is to be facing outside of yard. For
example, if fence posts are on one side of fence they must face inwards.
____ Post permit on front door during fence/paver installation and for final inspection.
City of Groveland, Building Services Department, 156 S. Lake Avenue, Groveland, FL 34736
Phone (352) 429-2141 E-Mail: permitting@groveland-fl.gov
Date Received Permit #
Project Address: Alt. Key #
Property Owner: Contact #
Owner’s Address: City; State:
Zip: Email Address: _
Fence: (Material shall be a standard material conventionally used by the fence industry)
Vinyl Wood Chain Link Wrought Iron Metal
Fence Height Max: Front Rear Side Street Side
Fence Length and Location:
Pavers/Slab: Location and Total Square Footage:
New lot impervious area calculated sq. ft.
Submittal Requirements: One copy of a dimensioned site plan/survey that contains the following: All
existing structures; setbacks; proposed location of fence/pavers. By signing this application the homeowner/
contractor understands that in addition to Groveland’s regulations, there may be private restrictions or
approval requirements that will affect your ability to erect the fence or add pavers on your lot. If your home is
in a Homeowner's Association, you must provide an HOA approval. If the placement of the fence/pavers
is in any existing easements, including but not limited to drainage, utility, ingress and egress easements, you
must sign an Easement Waiver.
Homeowner/Contractor Name (print)
Signature Contractor Lic. #
Contractor's Address if applicable:
Fence/Paver Applications may be submitted in person at City of Groveland, 156 S. Lake Avenue,
Groveland, FL or by email to Permitting@Groveland-fl.gov.
City of Groveland, Building Services Dept., 156 S. Lake Ave., Groveland, FL 34736
Phone (352)-429-2141 Email: permitting@groveland-fl.gov
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As the property owner located at __________________________________________ (address) in Groveland,
FL, I understand that I am installing a ________________________ in an easement. I further understand that a
time may come when it is necessary for the removal of the_______________________ for the functionality of
said easement. I also understand that I may be ordered to remove the _________________________ at my own
expense, or it may be removed without my consent at a later date if the need arises. I also will not hold the City
of Groveland, or its employees and or agents responsible in the issuance of this permit for the fence/pavers.
Owner_________________________________________ Date________________________
Owner’s Signature______________________________________
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ____________________________
day of ___________________, 20________, by ______________________________________
who is personally known to me or has produced as identification and who did_____ or did not
______ take an oath.
Notary Public ________________________________
City of Groveland, 156 S. Lake Ave. Groveland, FL 34736
Phone 352-429-2141 E-mail: permitting@groveland-fl.gov