Revised-Office of the Registrar 12 MAR 2020
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Revised-Office of the Registrar 12 MAR 2020
Student Name:______________________________ Student ID:_____________
I understand that my student account balance is my responsibility. By enrolling in courses at Santa Fe Community
College (SFCC), I am making a financial commitment to pay the tuition and fee charges associated with this enrollment,
in exchange for the education and other benefits provided by SFCC. I further understand that tuition, fees, and any
other charges to my account (including but not limited to bookstore charges, meal card charges and any supply charges)
reflects a balance I owe for educational benefit and constitutes an educational benefit or loan that may not be
dischargeable in bankruptcy proceedings pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 523 (a)(8).
The following terms and conditions are financial requirements of each student’s education for their registration for a
term at SFCC. The payment of tuition and fees is the obligation of the student. By processing a course registration I
acknowledge I have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:
• Registration constitutes a financial agreement between me and SFCC for the tuition and fee charges.
• Once I formally register for classes, I assume the responsibility for understanding SFCC’s official policies
concerning schedule changes, satisfactory academic progress, and the financial policies of SFCC for the term of
• Charges left unpaid for prior terms will result in disenrollment from my current term courses and no credit
being given unless full payment is made.
• In the event that I become delinquent in paying current charges or default in repaying overdue charges I will
be liable for collection costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, and any other costs incurred by SFCC to collect any
monies I owe.
• Students withdrawing after the stated refund dates have passed remain liable for full tuition and fee charges. I
understand that failure to attend classes does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal. If I decide not to attend any
of my classes at SFCC, I must drop to receive a tuition refund or withdraw by the appropriate deadline date(s). If I fail to
drop by these deadlines, I understand that I will be charged. Deadline dates can be found on the SFCC website at:
• In the event I am able to register for future term(s) because my current semester charges are not past due, I
understand that these current-term charges must be paid prior to the start date of any future term(s) to prevent
disenrollment from those future terms(s).
• SFCC accepts payment via student financial aid and third-party sponsorship, but the responsibility for payment
remains with the student. It is my responsibility to keep track of my account balance and any funding sources. If financial
aid is not granted or if third-party sponsors do not pay within a reasonable period, I will be required to pay the full
amount due.
I will maintain a current postal address to ensure receipt of all SFCC correspondence.
If internal collection efforts have failed, my account may be sent to a collection agency and may be reported to one or
more credit bureau reporting services. I agree to pay all collection costs including reasonable attorney’s fees that SFCC
may incur in such collection efforts.
I authorize SFCC and its respective agent(s) and contractors to contact me regarding my educational loan or my student
account at the current or any future telephone number either provided or acquired for my cellular phone or other
wireless device using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial pre-recorded voice or text messages.
Text Communication Authorization: I authorize SFCC and its respective agent(s) and contractors to contact me via text
message as an official form of communication. I assume responsibility for the accuracy of my listed SFCC telephone
number. (If at any time you would like to stop receiving text messages simply reply STOP.)
Signature: (Required):_______________________________________ Date:____________________
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