Privileged and Confidential
Attorney-Client Communication
Legal Services Request Form (For UH Mānoa, West O‘ahu, and Hilo Campus Requests)
Requestor/Contact Name:
Campus - School/College - Department:
Phone No.:
Facsimile No.:
1. Nature of Request
Summarize your request and the nature of the University’s involvement, e.g., contract review,
respond to a subpoena, request for legal opinion, etc. Attach any relevant documents.
(Please use another sheet if you need more space.)
2. Date for Response
Indicate the date by which a response is desired.
3. Do you wish for a written opinion or oral response?
Dean/Director & Vice Chancellor must approve requests (Provost or Chancellor if direct report).
Dean/Director Signature Type Dean/Director Name
Vice Chancellor (VC)/Provost/Chancellor Signature Type VC/ Provost/Chancellor Name
Please submit the completed form via mail, email, facsimile or hand delivery* to:
Carrie K. S. Okinaga
Vice President for Legal Affairs
and University General Counsel
2444 Dole Street, Bachman 110
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822
e No.
: (808
) 956
This request is a confidential communication and should be treated as such. Indicate “Confidential” on
the envelope and/or the facsimile cover sheet. *Only one method of submittal is necessary.
System (Revised 5/16/19)
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