University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Annual Campus Level Awards
Submit nomination form to the Office of the Chancellor, Attn: 2019 UH Hilo Faculty and Staff
Awards Committee, or email to Include the words Campus Level
Award” and the name of the nominee in the subject line. Attachments must include this
nomination form and supporting statement(s) from nominator(s). Additional supporting
documents may be sent later and must be clearly labeled with the name of the nominator and
the nominee.
Name of Nominee: ___________________________________________________________
Department: ________________ Email: _________________ Phone:___________________
Award for which this person is nominated (check the box)
Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi Award for Excellence and Innovation
dd-numbered years:
Award for Excellence in
Scholarly/Creative Activities
Outstanding University Support
Employee Award
Professional Staff Award
Even-numbered years:
Distinguished Service Award
for Improving Student Life
Excellence in Building &
Grounds Maintenance Award
Excellence in Service Award
Pūlama ‘Ike Award
Name of Nominator 1: __________________________________________________________
Department: ______________ Email: _________________Phone:_________________
Name of Nominator 2: __________________________________________________________
Department: ______________ Email: _________________Phone:_________________
Name of Nominator 3: __________________________________________________________
Department: ______________ Email: _________________Phone:_________________
Statement(s) of Support
Attach a one-page summary in support of nominee. Individual or joint statement from
nominator(s) is acceptable. Label statement with nominee’s name and name of the
award. Nomination criteria can be found online at Faculty and Staff Awards