Reinspect Your Workplace
Water systems
Regularly Disinfect and Sanitize
Individual workspaces between shifts
Common area contact surfaces
Door handles
areas
Common oce electronics (phones,
printers, other devices)
Elevator buttons
Kitchen appliances and surfaces
Prepare Your Lobby and Common Areas
Ask guests to phone ahead to reduce trac
Remove reception area seating
Install a plastic partition at the reception area
Place signage that clearly states maximum
capacity and social distancing guidelines
Provide cleaning supplies and disinfectant to
use upon entering and exiting
Prepare Oce Spaces
Recongure workstations to preserve
social distancing guidelines
Establish partitions as necessary
Provide alternatives to high-use amenities
like water coolers
Provide cleaning supplies and disinfectants
to wipe down vending machines and other
high-touch amenities
Prepare Restrooms
Touchless door opening or paper towels
to open doors
Signage to wash hands before and after
using the restroom
Signage to close toilet lid prior to ushing
Tape o hand air dryers
Prepare Conference Rooms
Temporary maximum occupancy levels
should be posted
Remove chairs exceeding maximum
occupancy levels
Graphics placed to identify appropriate
seat locations
Keep disinfectant wipes or sprays in
each room
Prepare Kitchen and Common Areas
Remove or restrict use of certain
high-touch amenities
Keep disinfectant sprays for routine cleaning
Signage to facilitate social distancing
Train and Prepare Sta
Communicate your plan to employees
Notify employees of new policies
Training on cleaning and disinfection products
Wash hands upon arrival and leaving work
Stay Informed
Prepare Your Workplace
Establish Social Distancing and Cleaning Plans
Educate Your Employees
COVID-19 Checklist:
Prepare Your Workplace
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.