This form may be returned to any USU location. Please call the USU Registrar’s Office at 435-797-1116 with questions.
Petition for Late Add
Part 1
Student Information
Last Name
First Name
Student ID
Email Address
Phone Number
Part 2
Policies and Requirements Checklist
Deadlines: Each session within the semester has published deadlines for when students may add courses to their schedule. These dates are found at This petition is used after the published “last day to add classes” deadline for each session but
before the last day of the semester. Completion of this form does not guarantee course registration. Courses added late are not eligible for refund.
Late Fee: Registration occurring after the normal registration deadlines is subject to a late add fee of $100 per course added. The exemptions from this late fee are:
research integrity, dissertation, thesis, directed study/readings, continuing graduate advisement, independent study courses added for graduate work, internships, co-op
work experience, PE 1900 (club sports), addition of credits to a variable credit course, direct section swap, audition-required courses, flight program courses, and military
science courses. Please be aware that this fee generally will not be covered by a student’s financial aid.
Requirements: The following requirements must be completed before registration can be considered. Some requirements vary between undergraduate and graduate
students. Signatures may be no older than 3 business days. In lieu of signatures, email authorization is acceptable. All students must:
Write a typed personal appeal explaining why he or she was not registered before the deadline.
Complete Part 1 (Student Information).
Complete Part 3 (Course Information) and obtain permission from the instructor(s) of the course(s).
Complete Part 4 (Authorizations) using the specific requirements for undergraduate and graduate students below.
Sign and Date this form (Part 5).
Return this form (and any attachments) to any USU location.
Pay the $100 per course late fee (where applicable); see list of exceptions listed above.
Specific Graduate Requirement
Complete Part 4 by obtaining permission from:
The student’s program chair
Part 3
Course Information
Semester & Year
(5 digits)
Course #
(4 digits)
(3 digits)
Instructor Name
Instructor Signature
(email from instructor also acceptable)
Y / N
Y / N
Y / N
Part 4
Print Name:
Print Name:
Part 5
Student Agreement and Signature
By signing below, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all information provided on this form and within any attached document is correct and no
unauthorized changes have been made. I certify that all signatures are authentic and free of forgery. I understand that forging a signature or knowingly
providing false information can lead to disciplinary action.
I also certify that I have read this form and understand and agree to the requirements as provided. I understand that submitting this form does not
guarantee that I will be registered for the course(s) requested. I agree to pay any late fees and tuition charged to my student account for this
registration (please see the late fee exemption list in Part 2).
Student Signature:
Date: _____________________________
Part 6
For Office Use Only
Registrar’s Office Authorized Signature
Processed By
Late Fee Detail Code(s)
Late Fee Total Amount
Program Chair
Print Name:
Financial Responsibility:
Utah State University
Student Financial Responsibility Disclosure and Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fees
Registration constitutes a financial agreement between me, (student) and Utah State University, (USU). Tuition, student body fees, class fees and other charges I incur,
including but not limited to, housing, meal plans, bookstore charges, etc., will be added to my student account and are considered a loan for an educational benefit. I
understand that by registering for courses at USU, I am reserving a seat in those courses. It is my responsibility to drop courses I do not plan to attend and/or file a Leave
of Absence with the Registrar’s Office before the 100% refund deadline. If I drop courses or withdraw from the University after the 100% refund period, I understand that I
am obligated to pay for those courses. Dates and deadlines for adding and dropping courses can be viewed on the Registrar’s Office website
Billing Statement:
I understand that I will not receive a billing statement from USU. It is my responsibility to check my online student account for tuition and fee statements, balances, as
well as deadlines, refund dates and fee information.
I understand that the official method of communication from USU is via email. I agree to keep my contact information current with USU and further agree to allow USU
and its agents to contact me at any address, home telephone or cell phone number that I provide now or in the future.
Financial Aid Repayment:
If I apply for and qualify for federal financial aid, I understand that my financial aid award is contingent upon my continued enrollment, attendance and receiving a passing
grade in each course upon which my financial aid eligibility was calculated. If I drop any course before completion or do not pass any course, I understand that my financial
aid eligibility may decrease. Furthermore, I understand that receiving scholarships, awards, waivers, stipends, prizes, third party credits or any other financial assistance
may also reduce my eligibility for financial aid. If after receiving federal financial aid, and I later become ineligible for that aid because of any of the reasons described
above, I agree to immediately return any financial aid to USU that USU is required to return to the Department of Education.
Late Fees / Payment Plans / Dropped Classes:
I understand that if my tuition and fees are not paid in full by the published fee payment deadline, I may be dropped from my classes for nonpayment. To prevent my
classes from being dropped for nonpayment, I have the option to enroll in a payment plan and pay my tuition bill over a period of time. There are generally several
payment plans to choose from each semester and they can be viewed in the TouchNet Payment System. I also understand that if I am not dropped from my classes for
nonpayment and I have not enrolled in a payment plan, I will be assessed and agree to pay a $100.00 late fee each month.
Return Payments:
I agree to pay a return check fee of $20.00 to USU if my online web check payment is returned unpaid by my bank because of insufficient funds or a stop payment. I
understand that USU will not try to process my online web check payment again and it is my responsibility to resubmit my payment. I agree to pay a return check fee of
$10.00 if my online web check payment is returned by my bank because of any other reason such as an incorrect or invalid account number was entered, closed
account, not authorized, non-transactional, etc.
I understand that paper checks returned by my bank for any reason are automatically referred to the check collection agency, Credit Service of Logan (CSL) for collection.
Collection fees including treble damages are assessed by CSL and will be added to my student account.
I understand the University will place a hold on my student records if I have an unpaid balance on my student account. This hold will prevent registration for future
semesters, the release of a transcript and the release of a diploma. I also understand that the University will place a hold on my student ID card that will prevent me from
entering facilities that require the student ID card to gain entrance. These facilities include athletic events, computer lab, recreation center, library, etc.
Electronic 1098-T
I understand and consent that if I am eligible to receive a 1098-T end-of-year tax document, it will be provided to me in an electronic form in my student Banner account. I
may request a paper copy of my 1098-T by following the links under Tuition and Payment on the Registrar’s Office website
Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fees:
In consideration of the University allowing me to register for courses, I promise to pay USU, Logan, Utah the tuition and fees (principal) assessed to me for those courses.
In addition, I agree to pay for any additional charges assessed to my student account such as student body fees, class fees, housing charges, meal plans, bookstore charges,
interest, late fees, collection fees, etc. I agree to pay Interest charges on any past due balances at the rate of 12.00% per annum. In the event I default on this agreement
and it becomes necessary to place this account with an outside collection agency, I agree to reimburse USU the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a
percentage at a maximum of 50% of the debt, and all cost and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees we incur in such collection efforts. Any collection costs stated
above are in addition to the principal, fees and interest due on my account. I agree that USU may repay my account balance from any TITLE IV funds (financial aid) due to
me. I agree to allow USU to report delinquent and defaulted loans to credit reporting agencies. I understand and agree that USU or anyone working on its behalf may
contact me by any electronic means such as text messaging, pre-recorded voice, email, etc., and at the phone number, I have provided to USU by manually dialing the
number or by using automated dialing technology. I understand that all outstanding tuition and fees account balances are qualified educational loans under the I.R.C. §221
and are extended with the express understanding that future repayment shall be made to the University. I further understand that my acceptance of these terms
represents my acknowledgement and acceptance that my tuition account balance qualifies as a qualified education loan under I.R.C §221 and as such, is exempt from
discharge under federal bankruptcy code 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(8).
Governing Law and Place of Disputes:
I understand and agree that the terms of this Student Financial Responsibility Disclosure and Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fees to USU will be governed by and
enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah. I agree that I will not commence any legal action against USU for any reason arising out of or relating to these
terms or any matter covered hereby in any court other than such courts located in Cache County Utah. I waive any objection I might have to bring any legal action or suit in
any such court not located in Cache County Utah on the basis that it is not the right or convenient place.
Written Signature:
By signing below, I certify that I have read the Student Financial Responsibility Disclosure and Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fees. I agree to abide by and be bound by the
above terms and conditions. I acknowledge that my consent is required to enroll at Utah State University.
Signature: Date: