Petition for Academic Renewal
Instructions: Please thoroughly complete this form in consultation with your advisor. Submit this form to
the Registrar’s Office (TSC 246). The cost for the petition is $25 and is due at the time you turn it in
(this is a non-refundable processing fee and does not guarantee approval). You will be notified of the
approval or denial of your petition via e-mail. Please refer to the Academic Renewal policy in the General
Catalog and consult with your advisor prior to submitting this form.
Please note: No changes can be made to a transcript once a degree has been posted.
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I understand that Academic Renewal applies to all courses having grades of D+, D, or F, unless otherwise noted. All such
courses will remain unaltered on the transcript with the appropriate notation added to the transcript to indicate Academic
Renewal has been applied. Renewed courses will not count for computation of GPA, EHRS (earned hours), or for satisfying
any graduation requirements. Further, I understand that Academic Renewal may be applied only once and is irreversible.
I wish to petition for Academic Renewal according to the Academic Renewal Policy. I have read and understand the policy and
guidelines. I understand that the Registrar’s Office will review my request and that I will be notified for all actions via e-mail.
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Registrar’s Office
Academic Renewal Policy and Guidelines
Undergraduate students who have been admitted to Utah State University
after an interruption in their collegiate education of at least one year may
petition to have certain credits that are older than five years removed from
the calculation of the GPA and credits earned. The renewal procedure
allows the student's academic records to be reviewed for the purpose of
eliminating from grade point average computation all grades of D+ or below
that were entered on the academic transcript five or more calendar years
prior to the request, including transfer credit on the USU transcript.
However, upon request, selected grades of D+ or below may remain on the
student's record. Petition forms are available in the Office of the Registrar
and online. A $25 processing fee will be assessed.
- Academic renewal does not apply to graduate students nor to students pursuing a
second undergraduate degree. Once a certificate, associate, or bachelor degree is
awarded by Utah State University or received from a transfer institution, any course(s)
completed prior to the completion of that certificate or associate degree will not
qualify for academic renewal. However, courses completed after receiving a certificate
or associate degree, but before completion of a bachelor degree, are eligible for
renewal if all other requirements are met.
- Academic renewal may be applied only once and is irreversible.
- An absence of one or more years must have elapsed between readmission and the last
enrollment at an institution of higher education. (Note: Students must be currently enrolled
at USU to apply for academic renewal.) Only credits older than five years (and taken prior to
the one-year gap and readmission) may be considered for academic renewal.
- After readmission, but before application for renewal, the student must have completed
a minimum of 12 semester credits with at least a 2.50 GPA at Utah State University.
Academic renewal applies only to courses having grades of D+or below and taken prior to
readmission. All such courses will remain unaltered on the transcript with the appropriate
notation added to the transcript to indicate academic renewal. Courses designated in the
petition will not count for computation of GPA for earned credits, nor for satisfying any
graduation requirements. Courses with a grade of C- (or P) or better will be carried
- Students may apply for this renewal after they have met the guidelines listed above. They
are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to submitting their request.