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Per City of Veneta Municipal Code Chapter 15.12 and Resolution Nos. 1260 and 1261, owners of vacant properties within the city
limits are required to register with the City of Veneta. Registration forms are due by January 31
each year or after 90 days of
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Complete all sections of the form, including the second page, and answer all questions in full. Mail
completed form, and registration fee if applicable, to City of Veneta at PO Box 458, Veneta, OR 97487.
Within 48 business hours of submission of a Vacant Property Registration form, the Code Enforcement Officer will complete a
cursory exterior evaluation of the property (if not already completed) to determine whether or not the property is compliant with the
maintenance and security requirements. Upon completion of the inspection, property owner will be notified if a Vacant
Property Plan is required.
Property Type
Maximum Annual
Registration Fee
Compliant Commercial
$25 $25 $25
Commercial Property
$250 Increases $50 $750
Non-Compliant Foreclosed
or Abandoned Residential
$250 Increases $50 $750
Please Print:
Address of Vacant Property:
Property Type: Commercial Residential Renewal? Yes______ No______
Property Owner:
Property Manager (if different):
Mailing Address:
Contact Phone #: Contact Email:
I affirm that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Print Name Signature
Date Received: ___________________ Inspection Needed: Yes______ No______
Vacant Property Plan Required: Yes____ No______ Date Completed: ___________________
Authorized Signature
Vacant Property Registration Form
I hereby acknowledge and agree that the property I own within the City of Veneta complies with the following standards, or if it is
determined by the City to be non-compliant, I will submit a vacant property plan to address the deficiencies:
Property shall be kept free from weeds, noxious vegetation, grass higher than ten inches, dry brush, dead vegetation, trash,
junk, debris, building material, any accumulation of newspapers, circulars, flyers (except those required by law), discarded
items including but not limited to furniture, clothing, appliances, printed materials, signage, containers, equipment,
construction materials, or any other items that give the appearance that the property is abandoned.
All visible front and side yards shall be properly maintained. Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, cutting, pruning, and
mowing of landscaping and removal of all trimmings.
Property shall be maintained in a secure manner so as not to be accessible to unauthorized persons. Secure manner
includes, but is not limited to, the closure and locking of windows, doors, gates, and any other opening of such size that may
allow a child or other person to access the interior of the property and/or buildings or structures. Broken windows must be
repaired, boarded, or replaced within 48 hours of notice.
Address numbers shall be posted the same as the number listed on City records for the property. All buildings shall have
address numbers posted in a conspicuous place so they may be read from the listed street or public right of way.
All buildings shall appear to be maintained structurally safe and sound and in good repair. Exterior steps and walkways shall
be maintained free of unsafe obstructions or hazardous conditions.
Every masonry, metal, or other chimney shall appear to remain adequately supported and free from obstructions. Every
chimney shall be reasonably plumb. Loose bricks or blocks shall be rebonded. Loose or missing mortar shall be replaced.
Unused openings into the interior of the structure must be permanently sealed using approved materials.
Foundation elements shall adequately support the building and shall be free of crumbling elements or similar deterioration.
The supporting structural members in every dwelling shall be maintained structurally sound, showing no evidence of
deterioration or decay which would substantially impair their ability to carry imposed loads.
All exterior surfaces shall be kept free of graffiti. Graffiti means writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on
a wall or other surface. Any vandalism must be repaired within 48 hours of notice.
The roof shall appear to be structurally sound, tight, and have no defects which might admit rain. Roof drainage shall be
adequate to prevent rainwater from causing dampness in the walls or interior portion of the building and shall channel
rainwater in an approved manner to an approved point of disposal.
Every stair, porch, and attachment to stairs or porches shall appear to be maintained as to be structurally sound. Every
handrail and guardrail shall be firmly fastened, and shall be maintained in good condition, capable of supporting the loads to
meet building codes.
Every exterior wall and weather-exposed exterior surface or attachment shall be free of holes, breaks, loose or rotting
boards or timbers, and any other conditions which might admit rain or dampness to the interior portions of the walls or the
occupied spaces of the building.
Every section of exterior brick, stone, masonry, or other veneer shall be maintained structurally sound and be adequately
supported and tied back to its supporting structure.
Every window shall be substantially weather-tight, shall be kept in sound condition and repair for its intended use or shall be
securely boarded up.
_____________________________________ __________________________
Property Owner Date