PNT/Infections Material (IM) Log for Project #:_____
Researcher Name: _______________ Principal Investigator: ________________ Biosafety Level 1_____
Level 2_____
Note: You must record each time new plant material is started, moved to another location, or prepared for disposal. Once
your experiment is complete, the PNT/IM log must be submitted to the Phytotron Coordinator.
Plant Species
Original Location
in Phytotron
New Location
Bag ID
Sample ID Outside
Move example
Zea mays
10 pots
Growth chamber 5
Lab room 4200
Specific to your lab
Disposal Example
Zea mays
15 pots
Growth chamber 5
Starting new
material example
Arabidopsis thaliana
8 flats, 72 plants
per flat
Growth chamber 15
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