Out of Career Coursework
(Approval to enroll in Graduate Coursework during the Undergraduate Career)
The University of Southern Mississippi
Graduate School
118 College Drive #5024 Hattiesburg MS 39406
This PDF form is fillable. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Submit completed form via email to graduateschool@usm.edu.
Undergraduate students at The University of Southern Mississippi who meet the GPA requirements for regular admission may apply to the
Graduate School for permission to take course work for graduate credit if within 12 semester hours of meeting bachelor's degree requirements
as certified by the University Registrar. If approved, the student may then register for graduate courses up to a maximum of nine semester
hours of graduate credit with a total course load not exceeding 12 semester hours or 15 hours with Graduate Dean's permission.
Student Name (First, Middle, Last): Student ID:
# Graduate Hours for requested term: # Undergraduate Hours for requested term: Total Hours for term:
Term: Year: Course Prefix: Course #: Section: Registration Code:
Name of Instructor teaching the above course (signature required below):
Reason for taking the graduate course?
Current Major:
Check all applicable:
I have applied for graduation.
I am within 12 hours of completing my undergraduate degree.
I have been accepted into an Accelerated Masters Program
By signing below, I acknowledge that I understand the following:
(1) Completion of a graduate course during undergraduate status does not guarantee a student's acceptance into a graduate degree program.
(2) If accepted into a graduate degree program, graduate coursework taken as an undergraduate student will only be included in the program of
study if approved by the student's graduate committee and the course was not used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements.
(3) Courses taken Out-of-career are not covered by financial aid.
Course Instructor:
Dean, Graduate School:
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Updated August 2019
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