Graduate Assistantship Tuition Waiver Request Form
Graduate School
118 College Drive #5024
Phone: 601.266.4369
Please note: the GA Tuition Waiver Request Form is effective for one (1) term/semester only. Future terms will require a new GA Tuition Waiver Request
Form to be submitted to the Graduate School by the published deadlines.
International Student
Work Study GA
Student's Name (First,M,Last)
Support Unit or School of Assignment
GA Responsibility
Hours Enrolled (minimum 9 graduate hours). Hours listed has been verified. Needs Out-of-State Fee Waiver
Is the GA hired using grant funds? If yes, please provide grant number:
If stipend is paid by a grant, is the grant over $200,000 and pays full F&A
If yes, does the grant cover tuition?
If yes, a scholarship
authorization form should be completed. Please send the
original scholarship form to Financial Aid for processing and
attach a copy to this form as the Graduate School does not
Hours Required to Work Per Week
process original scholarship authorization forms.
School Contact Person School Phone
Budgetary Authority Signature Date
Graduate School Use Only
Date Received in GS:
Date Entered in Tuition Panel:
Processed by:
Updated August 2019
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