Graduate Assistantship Tuition Waiver Request Form
Graduate School
118 College Drive #5024 | Phone: 601.266.4369
Student's Name (First,M,Last) Emplid
Support Unit or School of Assignment (aka department)
School Contact Person School Phone
Needs Out-of-State Fee Waiver
GA Responsibility
Hours Required to Work Per Week
Processed by:
Budgetary Authority Signature Date
Date Received in GS:
Hours Enrolled (minimum 9 graduate hours). Hours listed has been verified.
Graduate School Use Only
Date Entered in Tuition Panel:
Is the GA hired using grant funds? If yes, please provide grant number:
International Student
If stipend is paid by a grant, is the grant over $200,000 and pays full F&A
If yes, does the grant cover tuition? If yes, a scholarship
authorization form should be completed. Please send the
original scholarship form to Financial Aid for processing and
attach a copy to this form as the Graduate School does not
process original scholarship authorization forms.
Work Study GA
Please note: the GA Tuition Waiver Request Form is effective for one (1) term/semester only. Future terms will require a new GA Tuition Waiver Request
Form to be submitted to the Graduate School by the published deadlines.