Dismissal or Discontinuation Form
The University of Southern Mississippi
Graduate School
118 College Drive #5024 Hattiesburg MS 39406
Student Name (First, Middle, Last): Student ID:
College: School:
Degree: Emphasis:
The student earned a grade(s) that made it impossible to return to good academic standing; thus rendering graduation impossible.
The student failed to show acceptable improvement in research/scholarly progress after a probationary period.
The student violated the Code of Student Conduct and required disciplinary action. (Dismissal follows adjudication through the Dean of
Student's Office).
Protocol for dismissing a student:
(1) Following a termination review with the student, the school will submit this dismissal form including all appropriate signatures to the Graduate School. A
letter articulating the reason(s) for dismissal, addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School, must be attached. These items must be sent to the Dean of the
Graduate School electronically as a PDF file with signatures.
(2) Upon receiving notice of the dismissal request, the Dean of the Graduate School will send the student a formal letter of dismissal and include a copy of the
letter of rationale from the school as an attachment. The Dean's letter will inform the student that any scheduled classes (including current semester classes
and future semester classes for which the student is pre-registered, must be dropped by the student, and it will inform the student of their right to appeal their
dismissal and provide instructions for filing an appeal. This letter will be sent to the student by certified mail through the U.S. Postal Service and by e-mail
using the student's official USM e-mail address.
Graduate Director/Coordinator:
Dean, Graduate School:
Degree Auditor:
The student exceeded the time limit for the degree program without completing the degree.
Academic Dean:
The student was proven to have committed academic/research misconduct.
Check Reason:
The student failed to demonstrate professional competency and/or exhibited conduct inappropriate to the profession.
The student failed a qualifying exam, comprehensive exam, or defense twice.
Required Approval:
Date: Date:
Print Name
Graduate Director/Coordinator:
Academic Dean:
This PDF form is fillable. Handwritten copies will not be accepted.
DISCONTINUATION: This is a student initiated discontinuation from a graduate program..
The student did not return to good academic standing following the probationary semester(s).
School Director: School Director: