Office Exclusive Seller Disclosure Form
Office Name ______________________________________________________________________________________
Office City ______________________________________________________ MLS Office Code ________________
Agent Name ______________________________________________________________________________________
Owner Name ______________________________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
Listing Date _____________________________
Office Exclusive Expiration Date ______________________________
While the purpose of the MLS is to facilitate cooperation between MLS Brokers and their agents to successfully bring
sellers and buyers together, it is also understood that there are circumstances under which the property owner(s) may seek
anonymity/privacy and instruct their broker to withhold their property listing from the MLS. Initialing and signing of this
form will be notice to the MLS that you, as the property owner, have instructed your brokerage that the sale of your
property will be handled exclusively within the listing brokerage.
In 2019, real estate transaction volume for over 60,000 properties valued at over $34 billion was conducted
through the MLS system. Withholding from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS):
• Keeps your property from being exposed to the broadest market of over 40,000 agents and their buyers;
• Eliminates the ongoing advertising benefit of having your property available 24/7 to all potential buyers
regardless of when they may start looking;
• Limits marketing to agents affiliated with your listing broker and limits public advertising of the property.
• Keeps your property off public web sites where buyers search for properties.
As Owner(s), I/We understand that any public marketing of this property will trigger the MLS Rules and Regulations
requirement that the property be entered into the MLS within one business day for cooperation with other MLS
Brokerages. Note: Public marketing includes, but is not limited to, flyers displayed in windows, yard signs, digital
marketing on public facing websites, all social media platforms public or private, brokerage website displays (including
IDX and VOW), digital communications marketing (email or text blasts, or automated voice calls / messaging), multi-
brokerage listing sharing networks, and applications available to the general public.
In accordance with MLS Rules and Regulations, by signing below, as the property Owners, I/We are providing written
instructions to the listing brokerage affirming that the property will not be entered into the MLS during the entire listing
period and further acknowledge(s) that any public marketing of the property will require entry into the MLS within one
business day. This Listing Exclusion may be withdrawn by the listing office at any time and placed in the MLS upon the
Owner’s authorization.
BY: _______________________________________ ________________________________________ __________
(Owner) (Owner) (Date)
Authorized Firm Representative______________________________________________________________________
(Print Name)
Authorized Firm Representative___________________________________________________________ __ _______
(Signature) (Date)
Note: Office Exclusive Listings shall be submitted to the MLS before midnight of the day after the Listing
Date, along with a copy of this duly signed “Office Exclusive Seller Disclosure”