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T. Scott Harris, MCR
Please check the following that apply to your business.
Will the business be using any owned, leased, rented or borrowed equipment (including items personally owned) in conducting its business?
(Business Property)
Will the business have any inventory available for sale as merchandise? (Merchant’s Capital)
Will the business use equipment in manufacturing, printing, mining, water well drilling, radio or television broadcasting, dairy, dry cleaning or
laundry, motor vehicle cleaning or harvesting of forest products for sale? (Machinery & Tools)
Will the business be a home based operation? If yes, please contact Planning & Zoning (804) 365-6171
Will the business be operating under a trade name/dba/fictitious name? If yes, you must register the trade name/dba/fictitious name with
the State Corporation Commission (804) 371-9733.
Will the business be offering guest rooms for rent for continuous occupancy for fewer than thirty (30) days? (Transient Occupancy/Lodging Tax)
Is the business, as defined below, considered a contractor? (Contractor’s Business License)
A contractor, as defined by Hanover County Code §22-93,
Any who shall accept or offer to accept contracts to do any work on or in any building or structure, requiring the use of paint, stone, brick, mortar, wood, cement,
structural iron or steel, sheet iron, galvanized iron, metallic piping, tin, lead or other metal or any other building material
Any who shall accept or offer to accept contracts to do any paving, curbing or other work on sidewalks, streets, alleys or highways, or public or private property,
using asphalt, brick, stone, cement, concrete, wood or any composition
Any who shall accept or offer to accept an order for or contract to excavate earth, rock or other material for foundation or any other purpose or for cutting,
trimming or maintaining rights-of-way;
Any who shall accept or offer to accept an order or contract to construct any sewer of stone, brick, terra cotta or other material.
In accordance with Virginia State Code §58.1-3518, all businesses operating in Hanover County must file an authorized Hanover County Business Return of
Tangible Personal Property annually on or before May 1
of each year (postmarks not acceptable). Any business that does not file in accordance with Virginia State
Code §58.1-3518 on/by May 1
may receive a Statutory Assessment, in addition to non-filing penalties.
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Declaration: By signing below, I declare that the statements and figures herein given are true, full and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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