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A place inspired by its people, tradition and spirit, which will be the premier community for people and
businesses to achieve their full potential
Our Mission
To be a premier community by providing superior service through creativity innovation and sound financial
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Integrity • Accountability • Respect • Inclusiveness
Information Sheet for Appointment: Hanover County Board, Commission, or Committee
Your interest in wanting to serve Hanover County is greatly appreciated. In order for Board of Supervisors
members to understand your qualifications and interests, the following information sheet must be
completed. Provide the signed information sheet to your Board member or in one of the following manners:
1) mail to: County Administrator's Office, P.O. Box 470, Hanover, VA 23069; 2) fax to: 804-365-6234; or 3)
email to: ctyadm@hanovercounty.gov. Your information sheet will be reviewed by your Board representative.
Prior to any appointment, your Board representative will contact you to discuss the recommended appointed
role. There is an expectation that at least 75% of meetings will be attended by the appointee. Each
appointment is for a specified term and certain positions have term limits. You are welcome to follow up with
your respective Board member to check on any upcoming appointments. Your information sheet will be kept
on file for four years for future consideration. For some appointments, your Board member may accumulate
the information on this sheet, but your signature is still needed to illustrate your commitment. Once
appointed, this information sheet is not needed for any future reappointments.
Mailing Address:
Primary Phone:
Secondary Phone:
Email Address:
Magisterial District
Cold Harbor
(choose one):
South Anna
Please provide names of boards, commissions or committees which you are interested in serving. For more
information on all potential positions, please see “Committee List” at
http://www.hanovercounty.gov/Main.aspx?colid=10. If no specific position of interest, simply leave this
section blank to be considered for any appointment.
Please identify any talent, interest, skill, experience or educational background which might be helpful to a
specific board, commission or committee.
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