Chapter 61 of the Florida Statute requires parents to confer with each
other and jointly make major decisions affecting the child(ren) concerning
issues dealing with school, discipline, religion upbringing, and health. Each
parent is entitled to the child’s medical, dental, and school records.
Florida Statute §61.13 (2)(b)(3) specifically requires that “access to records
and information pertaining to a minor child, including, but not limited to
medical records may not be denied to a parent because the parent is not the
child’s primary residential parent.”
Please send information regarding the minor child to both of the
following parents:
1. Minor Child’s Name __________________________
2. Mother’s Name ________________________________
Address ________________________________
Phone # ________________________________
3. Father’s Name ________________________________
Address ________________________________
Phone # ________________________________
4. Name of School _____________________________
Address _____________________________
Name of Medical Providers
(i.e. Doctor, Dentist) ________________________________
Address ________________________________