Financial Aid
Maximum Credit Appeal
Use this secon to explain the unusual or extenuang circumstances that contributed to your failure to complete your pro-
gram in the maximum 150% meframe. Check all boxes that apply and use the space below to provide addional infor-
Developmental coursework Change in program of study
Transfer coursework
Addional cerficate/degree Other:
Current program of study you are pursuing?
(Aach extra sheet if necessary):
It is not necessary to submit an academic plan developed by you and your advisor. We will determine the number of credits
sll needed and if we can allow addional eligibility based on the factors you present in your explanaon.
Guidelines and expectaons of the appeal process:
 Students are expected to understand the COCC Sasfactory Academic Progress policy, the responsibilies and process-
es of this peon, and other COCC wrien policies and procedures pernent to this appeal.
 Students are expected to meet all financial obligaons, payment deadlines, late fees, etc. (including tuion payments)
pending this appeal decision.
 Students can expect to have completed appeals reviewed by a commiee within 1-2 weeks of receipt.
 Students will receive noce of an appeal decision, which will be mailed to student within 1 week following a decision.
 Students should monitor their Bobcat Web Account for the appeal decision.
Financial Aid Office
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Use this form to appeal for addional credits to complete a COCC program based on unusual or extenuang circumstances.
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