Memorandum of Agreement Professional Development
(rev 8/2018)
Central Oregon Community College
Exempt Employee Professional Development
Memorandum of Agreement
This Agreement, made and entered into this day of , 20 , by and between Central
Oregon Community College (hereinafter referred to as COCC and College), acting by and through the COCC
President, and , (hereinafter described as Employee).
This agreement is for the approved professional development application for:
in the amount of _________________________ , and for the time period of ________________ to
Terms of Service for Sabbatical Leave and Long Term Professional Development
Therefore in consideration of the agreement set forth hereinafter, the Parties agree as follows:
1. College hereby approves Employee for sabbatical set forth above.
2. That the Employee will engage in activities during Professional Development which will result in
benefits to the College as set forth in the approved professional development application. The College
will support the Employee as identified in the Exempt Employee Professional Development policy.
3. In the event the Employee fails to fulfill the stipulations of the Professional Development Policy, the
College will exercise its right for repayment as set forth herein.
4. If the President of the College determines services of the Employee is needed and the Employee must
return to campus, no repayment will be required.
5. In the event the Employee terminates employment at COCC, due to resignation or involuntary
termination, before the required service as referenced below, the Employee will be responsible for
repayment of salary and benefits, any other compensation, and expenditures paid by the College for any
approved sabbatical leave or long term professional development set forth in the following repayment
Repayment Plan for Sabbatical Leave and Long Term Professional Development:
Duration of Leave
Required Service
from Employee
Upon Return
Repayment to College if Employee leaves
COCC employment prior to 12 months
Max. 9 months
12 months
0 to 4 months fulfilled, repay full amount
5 to 9 months fulfilled, repay 50% of amount
6. Repayment terms will be arranged with Human Resources, Payroll and the Employee.
7. College agrees that death or disability of the employees removes repayment obligations from the
Employee and his/her estate.
8. If the Employee’s position is eliminated because of reduction in force or restructuring which eliminates
the position, no repayment will be required by the College.
Memorandum of Agreement Professional Development
9. If any arbitration, suit or action is instituted to enforce the provisions of this Agreement, the prevailing
party shall be entitled to receive attorney fees and cost incurred in suit or action and if any appeal is
taken from a decision, reasonable attorney fees as determined on appeal.
10. Any action or proceeding seeking to enforce any provision of or based on any right arising out of this
Agreement will be brought against any of the Parties in Deschutes County Circuit Court of the State of
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the College and the Employee have executed this Agreement the day and year
first above written:
By: _______________________________
Its: President or designee
Print Name: ______________________________
Date: _____________________________
Date: _____________________________
(rev 8/2018)