Planning Department
401 Laureate Way
Kannapolis, NC 28081
Updated 6-2-20
Name of Business:
Applicant Last Name: First Name: MI:
Mailing Address:
Street Address City State Zip Code
Contact Phone: Email Address:
Address where mobile food vending unit will be located:
Dates Requested: From: ____________________ To: _________________
Property Owner Name: First Name: MI:
Property Owner Permission to Operate:
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Property Owner Signature Date
Health Department Certificate Issued? Yes ____ No_____; Date Issued: ___________________
Valid from: _________________ to: ____________________Certificate #____________________
I, the undersigned certify that the information in the foregoing application is accurate and true to the best of my
knowledge and acknowledge my responsibility to ensure that:
I have obtained permission from the property owner to utilize the property for a mobile food vending unit.
I have obtained a Zoning Clearance Permit from the City of Kannapolis and will post in a visible location on the
mobile vending unit. I understand that the permit is valid for one calendar year and must be renewed on an annual
I agree that all applicable local and state regulation, including, but not limited to, Health Department, Environmental
Health, and Environmental Protection, shall be met.
I agree that the mobile vending unit will not be located in any required setback, sight distance triangle, or required
buffer nor shall any drive aisle, loading/service area, pedestrian walkway, emergency access, or fire lane be
I agree that trash receptacles must be available and located no more than 10 feet from the mobile vending unit and
that I am responsible for removing all trash, litter, and refuse from the site at the end of each business day.
I agree that the mobile vending unit will not be used as a drive-thru service and that one (1) parking space per 250
sf of the mobile vending unit must be provided (except in Center City District).
I agree to obtain a sidewalk encroachment from the Public Works Department if applicable.
I agree to remove the mobile vending unit at the end of each business day.
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Applicant’s Signature Date
For Staff Use Only:
Filing Fee: Receipt #: Date Received:
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