Proposed Development Details:
Name of Development
RM Number
Subcategory Selection Information:
QLDC default is P5 for low volume local roads in residential areas
Design Information Provided:
Design report provided
Layout drawings provided
Calculation results provided
Luminaire and Column Information Provided:
Luminaire is on the NZTA M30 List Luminaire CCT does not exceed 3000K
0° 5°
Luminaire tilt angle
Column complies with NZTA M26
Reason for column to be
painted or heritage/decorative
Calculation results must be printed directly from the lighting
software (Perfect Lite and/or AGi32)
Lighting Design Submission Check Sheet
(To be completed by designer and submitted with design documents)
Reason for subcategory
selection (if other than P5)
Reason for 5° luminaire tilt
angle to be applied
Basic unpainted HDG steel
column selected
Stage Number (if applicable)
Design information on drawings
(in lieu of design report)
The submitted layout drawings shall depict luminaire and pole
locations including dimensions between adjacent poles; road
geometry including kerbs, carriageway edges, lanes and markings,
property boundaries, islands, etc; luminaire mounting parameters
and pole installation details; and subdivision stage boundaries.
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