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Medical Information Form
Dear Citizen of Annapolis,
The Annapolis Fire Department invites you to use the Life-in-a-Bag Program. The
Life-in-a-Bag Program will give First Responders all the medical information they need
to treat you most appropriately. The Life-in-a-Bag Program is designed to speak for
you when you cannot speak for yourself. The Medical Information Form contains
important medical information that can assist Emergency Medical Services providers
to care for you if you are unable to speak for yourself. There are 4 simple steps to
getting your Life-in-a-Bag kit ready:
If you do not want to display the sticker on your front door, place just the baggie
on your refrigerator door.
You can print your Life-in-a-Bag form Online at:
For more information, please contact: EMS35@ANNAPOLIS.GOV
To receive voicemails, text messages, and e-mails in case of
emergencies and other events, sign up for
Alert Annapolis
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Prepare Me Annapolis App
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