Application to name and number a site
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For all applications, please submit;
1) Detailed site plans showing all access points, plot numbers, floor layouts for all floors.
2) A location plan
is not required at this stage fees will be calculated and requested upon receipt of the
Your details
What would you like to do (type of application)
Name a building
Number a building
Name a street
Number a street
Site details Please complete all sections that apply
Address of site:
Planning Application Reference Number
Building Control Reference Number
Total number of new roads
Total number of dwellings
Total number of blocks
Total number of commercial units
Charges for 2019/20
Renaming / renumbering of an existing property
Property naming / numbering (no more than 5
£60.00 plus £25 per plot
Property naming / numbering (6 or more plots)
£150.00 plus £10.00 per plot
Street naming
£160.00 per street
Written confirmation of address
£25.00 per address
Change to a street naming / property numbering
scheme after notification (1)
£50.00 plus £15.00 per plot
Renaming of a street at residents request (2&3)
£200.00 plus £20.00 per property plus all
compensation met by applicant
1) After notification means after the Council has issued the street naming or numbering scheme.
2) Requires a minimum written consent of two thirds of owners/occupiers of the street.
3) This charge relates to every property with an address on a street to be renamed.
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hen you have completed the application, please submit it with your supporting documents to the
email or postal address below. Your application will be acknowledged and details of the required fee
hen a new street needs naming, the Street Naming and Numbering officer will normally ask the
developer for suggestions and then seek the views of the local Parish/Town Council. Where the
developer declines to suggest names, we will either ask the local Parish/Town Council (where there
is one) or carry out research to come up with suitable street names.
ll applications will require consultation with the statutory bodies. If no objections are received the
owner/developer is notified of the new address.
his process can take up to 8 weeks.
For assistance please call the Street Naming and Numbering team direct on 01536 534250
Building Control, Municipal Offices, Bowling Green Road, Kettering
NN15 7QX