Applicant Details
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Agent Details (if applicable)
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Contractor Details
(or other person who will carry out the demolition)
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Location of Building to which work relates
Site Location:
Building Description:
Site Owner:
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I confirm a copy of this notice has been given to the local statutory undertakers for Electricity and Gas
and further copies have been given to all adjacent land owners/occupiers of the above site.*
Signature: Date:
*Please provide a list of names and addresses of all the above who were notified and submit on a separate sheet with this form
I hereby give notice of the intended demolition of the building(s) or part(s) of building(s) under Section 80 of
the Building Act 1984. I understand that a counter notice under section 81 of the Building Act 1984 will be
served and copies sent to owners/occupiers of adjacent properties and other statutory undertakers.
I understand that demolition works must not commence until the Section 81 has been received or 6 weeks
has elapsed since the deposit of this notice.
Signature: Date:
Building Control, Municipal Offices,
Bowling Green Road, Kettering, NN15 7QX
For assistance please call the Building Control team direct on 01536 534250
The Building Act 1984
This form is to be completed by the person(s) intending to carry out work or their agent.
Section 80
Kettering Borough Council is committed to protecting your privacy when using our services. Before completing this
form, please read our Privacy Notice at which tells you how we
use your information, who we may share it with and why. It also details what you can do if you have any concerns
and how to request the information we hold about you.
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Plans and Particulars
This application form should be completed and submitted
with the plan as follows:
A block plan, to a scale not less than 1:500, showing the
size and position of the building or extension to be demolished, its
relationship to the boundaries of the premises and any other
buildings within those boundaries.
A £160 charge is payable to contribute towards the cost of
assessment and inspection of the works. The fee is non-
refundable and must accompany the application.
A guidance note on charges is available and can be viewed on
Further Guidance
These notes are for general guidance only, detailed information
regarding the submission of a demolition applications
is contained in Section 80 of the Building Act 1984.
Further information and advice concerning the Building Regulations
and Planning matters may be obtained from your Local
All demolition work is subject to the Construction (Design &
Management) Regulations 2007. It is the responsibility of the client
and contractor to ensure that all requirements of these regulations
are met and the Health and Safety Executive notified where
No demolition work must commence before this notice is given to
the Local Authority has given notice under Section 81 of the act
of six weeks lapsed from serving or this notice.
the Building Control Fee Schedule on a separate document.
Copies of these are available online or by request.
Should you require clarification relating to any part of this form,
further information and advice concerning Building Regulations
and Planning matter may be obtained from your Local Authority